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Welcome to The Church of Light. Facilitated by its founder, spiritual healer Colin Harrison, who offers spiritual healing in Maghull Liverpool, conducts regular psychic development circles and is actively involved in the spiritual healing procedure known as exorcism.

The Church of Light was conceived in 2005 with a Divine spiritual mission, to impart the truth concerning man's origin, the true reason for living a life here on earth and to the realisation of our real purpose in life, now and in the future. 

With seventeen years experience of spiritual healing, psychic development and exorcism guided by the good spirits of God, Colin is in a unique position to help all those interested in spiritual enlightenment, spiritual healing and psychic development in Liverpool and the surrounding areas of Merseyside. 

Please feel free to browse through the comprehensive web pages of The Church of Light, which will raise your awareness to the existence and understanding of the Spirit Worlds.

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