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Why are some people gay?

The Church of Light has received through direct communication with God’s Spirit World the answers to the following questions, while also being enlightened as to the real reason why some people are “Gay”.

Are “Gay” people really straight but merely choose to be “Gay”?

Are “Gay” people physically flawed or imperfect?

Is there a “Gay” gene?

Does the Bible condemn “Gay” people?

Is AIDS a Divine punishment from God?

Why are some animals Gay?

Why did God’s Spirit World reveal the reason for some people being “Gay”?

The Spirit World of God requires awareness to be raised in Heterosexual and Gay people alike to the ultimate truth concerning Gay orientation.

Gay communities all around the world constantly suffer unnecessary prejudice, abuse and violence because their choice of sexual partner is of the same sex.

Being in the minority with this inclination serves to exacerbate their plight and the Insight offered by God’s Spirit World aims to address the many misconceptions that are popularly believed.

The Spirit World of God wants all people to realise, understand and accept that Gay people should not be outcasts in society or classed as inferior.

All things happen at their appointed time, with the Insight into the truth concerning Gay orientation being specifically given to The Church of Light and Truth at this time.

The Spirit World of God is certain that now is the time for it to be readily accepted and embraced as the truth.

The Spirit World of God is under instruction to impart this truth to our world, with advanced Hierarchies of Spirits overseeing this work.


Approximately 1 in 10 people are Gay

Pride and Prejudice

Throughout the history of mankind and in every part of the world there has always existed the negative trait of prejudice. This trait although not displayed or harboured by all people is non the less prevalent and is directed and manifested towards various groups of people and for various reasons. Even today although prejudice towards certain people appears to be controlled, it is a fact that it is still in existence. Many people today for example are still racially prejudiced, but do not voice such opinions openly as once they may have done. Unfortunately many people today have the same racialist thoughts now as they did many years ago, but now keep such thoughts and opinions private and to themselves.

One group of people who have been subjected to intense prejudice and ridicule throughout history is the section of society that is collectively known as "Gay". Known also and originally as Homosexual and Lesbian, a Gay person's sexual preference is not for a partner of the opposite sex as with Heterosexuals, but for one of the same sex, which proves to be the reason for many people's animosity. Heterosexuals over the centuries have openly voiced their angered opinions about such a preference and in many instances have resorted to displays of violence against such people, for in their view they are outcasts and people to be avoided or punished as they are not normal.

Although society to a certain degree now accepts or are sympathetic to Gay people, a large proportion of the world still do not, but continue to hold suppressed negative beliefs, thoughts and ideas about such people and their lifestyle. Sadly many people although claiming to be fine upstanding and God fearing Christians also have radical beliefs about Gay people and choose to condemn them for their lifestyle. There exists in the world many people who believe in God and who try to live their life in accordance with God's wishes, doing good deeds and being charitable to people whenever possible and yet these same people will reject and openly condemn anyone who states that they are Gay.

Their charity does not extend to people who have a different sexual orientation, believing that such people are to be excluded from receiving any assistance from them, as they are considered to be under the Devil's influence and beyond redemption. In times past many Christians and Church Leaders vigorously opposed the abolition of slavery and the liberation of women and believed that they were right to hold such a view. Those in opposition in times past quoted passages and verses from the Bible to support their views and although convincing in their arguments, it is widely recognized and accepted that they were definitely wrong in their beliefs. So too today people believe that their anti- Gay views are also right and as in previous times defend their views in exactly the same way by quoting selected verses from the Bible.

Recently the Church of England was the centre of great controversy as a Gay Vicar was ordained a Bishop and as many of the Churches hierarchy did not believe a Gay person should hold such a high office within the Church, great upset and disruption was experienced within it's ranks. Although this man was considered spiritually fit to be a Vicar he was deemed unfit by many to be ordained to higher office and specifically because of his sexual orientation. So strong was the feeling over this ordination that the Church of England teetered on the edge of being split and although this was averted, damage to the Church's overall unity has been incurred.

This episode serves to highlight the prejudice that still exists today toward Gay people, as for a well established and recognised Church to vent their feelings against a member of their own clergy in such a negative way, can only be a reflection to some degree of society's view. Innumerable people in the world together with this Vicar are proud to be Gay and openly testify to that pride. Gay people have pride in their identity and do not believe they are outcasts or a section of humanity that is wholly different to the rest of mankind. They acknowledge a different sexual orientation but that is all, for in respects of every other physical or mental detail they believe as do prominent medical experts also, that they are exactly the same as other people.

Popular Theories Regarding Gay people

The following is a collection of the most widely accepted and popular theories as to why a person is Gay:-

1) Gay people are Gay as they are sexually damaged due to an unpleasant or traumatic sexual incident they experienced in their childhood with an adult of the opposite sex and have as a result chosen to be Gay.

2) Gay practice is a sexual perversion and all who engage in it are therefore perverted.

3) Gay people are only Gay due to being sexually confused and will eventually "grow out of it". This will happen as they get older and more physically and mentally developed.

4) A male that has no male siblings but an excessive number of sisters, can become influenced and encouraged into behaving as a female. Due to close and constant association with members of the opposite sex in a family setting, a male or a female's sexual orientation can become altered.

5) A person becomes Gay due to the excessive attention a mother may give to her son, or a father to his daughter. Due to intense mothering or fathering it serves to influence a child to seek similar attention later in life, so as they become adults they seek partners of the same sex.

6) Something went wrong in the formation of a Gay persons body whilst in their Mother's womb which caused them to be born flawed and imperfect.

7) Gay people lack true sexual perception and understanding of themselves, but once in receipt of professional counselling and sexual therapy, will be able to embrace in time a normal Heterosexual lifestyle.

8) Homosexuality is caused by a deficiency of Testosterone i.e. the Hormone that is associated with male sex drive. If Testosterone is given to Gay men in sufficient doses, then they will revert to a Heterosexual lifestyle. Are these commonly held theories really the truth or are they merely misconceptions?

The above theoretical conceptions of Gay people are often adopted and embraced by Heterosexual people, as for them they serve to explain the reasons for a person's Gay inclination. Such theories as these are however not readily accepted by Gay people themselves. There appears to be no definite evidence from any source that identifies any of the above explanations as the reason for a person's Gay lifestyle and they therefore can only be seen as conjecture.

What Do Gay People Think of Themselves?

Gay people believe that they are as normal as the rest of society and as such are not flawed, imperfect or genetically damaged or predisposed in any way whatsoever. They believe that they were born the way they are and have not been conditioned or influenced by anyone, or through any unpleasant or traumatic experience to become Gay. Gay people feel their inclinations and lifestyle are natural and have never known themselves to feel any different. Although initially they may have battled against their feelings and inclinations, they believe that they are meant to be Gay and could not consider the Heterosexual alternative.

They feel that being Gay is an essential part of their makeup and do not want to give it up. The majority of Gay people would not choose to be Heterosexual even if it were possible to magically alter their orientation and those who would opt for change would do so purely to end the intense prejudice, violence and abuse they suffer as a result of their orientation and lifestyle. Gay people have pride in their sexuality and many are proud to openly declare their sexual orientation. They further accept that being Gay is beyond their control or jurisdiction and is in effect "out of their hands" as they believe their own free will played no part in this determining facet of them.

They acknowledge that they have many of the same inclinations as Heterosexual people and as such desire to live a meaningful life and to share that life with a partner in a loving relationship. They wish they could be married to their partner in the same way that Heterosexual couples are, with some also desiring the opportunity to be responsible for the bringing up of a child. There are also many Gay people who believe that all of mankind is intended to be Gay and that Heterosexual people are the ones who are flawed and imperfect and as such are the ones who need to be identified as being "different" and possibly in need of counselling.

They see themselves as sensitive caring people who have to some extent more respect for God, for humanity and also for animals than many Heterosexual people do. They see themselves as upright members of society who work, pay taxes and contribute to their local community in the same way that any other person does. Many Gay people will openly admit that there are some Gay people who are excessive in their sexual activities and sexual behaviour, but view and class such conduct themselves as unacceptable.

They are however also aware that such unrestrained sexual behaviour is also the case with some Heterosexuals and therefore acknowledge that many people regardless of their sexual orientation, engage in sexual practices that are considered perverted or obscene by others and any over indulgence of a sexual nature exists in both the Gay and Heterosexual world.

Does the Bible Condemn Gay Practice?

Many Christians believe and strenuously argue that God himself directly condemns Gay people and because of this they too must be condemning. There is no shortage of people who are ready to quote various verses from the Bible which apparently condemn anyone who is actively Gay. In the Old Testament of the Bible there are indeed passages that refer to "men lying with men" and further state that God is displeased with such a practice.

The account of God's instructions to the nation of Israel in (Leviticus18 v 22) in particular is often quoted to uphold the belief that Gay practice is ungodly and therefore wrong. It must be appreciated when reading this account in the Bible that God gave this instruction to the nation of Israel together with dozens of other instructions, with the full extent of God's directives regarding sexual behaviour being listed throughout chapters18 & 20.

Many instructions and directives were given to Israel at this time, with many referring to and detailing the required sexual behaviour of Heterosexuals too. The Leviticus account instructs for example the single Heterosexual section of the nation of Israel not to commit fornication, i.e. no single man or woman could have sex with another single person. The married Heterosexual section of the nation of Israel was instructed not to commit adultery, i.e. no married man or woman could have sex with another married person.

Gay people were not specifically singled out by God for condemnation, but received a directive from God regarding their sexual behaviour just as Heterosexuals also did. The nation of Israel also received a definite instruction that no man could have sexual relations with a woman during her monthly period and both the man and woman concerned would be punished severely if they did. (Leviticus18 v 19 & Leviticus 20 v 18)

This practice is entered into today and is not considered a sin, but is in fact a method of contraception and was in times gone by the only form of contraception available. Sex during a Woman's monthly cycle is however definitely listed in Leviticus amongst the practices that God sought to eliminate at this time, along with adultery and Gay practice etc. but no one is condemned for this practice today. Consider also the directive given by God to Israel at this time that no one could have a Tattoo. (Leviticus 19 v 28)

People who have Tattoo's engraved on their bodies today are not condemned for it, as it is seen no more than a cosmetic enhancement of the body, whereas God at this time sought to eliminate this practice and gave a definite directive concerning it. This directive was given to this nation for a reason, just as all of God's directives including Gay practice were.

God also gave detailed instructions and directives to Israel concerning the following:

Food that was clean and unclean:- (Leviticus 11)

Regulations regarding Mildew:-(Leviticus 13 v 47)

Cleansing from Mildew:- (Leviticus 14 v 33-56)

Regulations regarding Infectious Diseases:- (Leviticus 13)

Cleansing following Infectious Disease:- (Leviticus 14)

Discharges that caused uncleanness:- (Leviticus 15)

Instructions regarding eating blood:- ( Leviticus 17)

Unlawful sexual relations:- (Leviticus 18)

Instructions for Priests:- (Leviticus 21)

Instructions following childbirth:- (Leviticus 12)

Instructions regarding eating fat:- (Leviticus 7 v 22-27)

The list above is only a sample of the instructions and directives given to the nation of Israel at that time and were given to them for a specific reason. All the directives and instructions given to the nation of Israel were given for their benefit and in particular for their health and cleanliness as a nation. As this nation was a Nomadic nation living for a time in the desert, it was necessary that strict laws were adhered to regarding health and social behaviour, for any outbreak of disease would have had an alarming detrimental affect on the people.

God stringently gave them directives regarding sexual behaviour, as any sexual disease spreading throughout the nation would have had catastrophic repercussions and God saw fit in his wisdom to eliminate all chance of this ever happening. Consider the consequences if the nation of Israel had not of conformed to such instructions. A nation who lived a Nomadic life style for 40years in the desert would for example have been devastated if an outbreak of any form of Venereal Disease had taken hold. The nation would have similarly been devastated if they had not paid close attention to the directives given regarding the preparation of food and suffered the effects of any one of the many poisonings related to food hygiene.

The book of Leviticus details many requirements and directives from God regarding every facet of their daily life and all such instruction was for their benefit, for by keeping the nation physically clean and healthy they would survive. Gay practice therefore should never be condemned on the basis that the ancient nation of Israel received directives from God specifically concerning Gay sexual practice. Gay practice was only one of many practices that God saw fit to eliminate at this time and instructed Gay people and Heterosexual people alike.

The nation of Israel's physical cleanliness and well being during their wanderings around the desert (wilderness) was paramount, for without very strict guidelines they would have suffered accordingly. Even after they had completed their wanderings God gave them further instructions and directives for use in the new land they had been given in order to keep them pure and healthy as a nation and which are recorded in the Book of Deuteronomy.

The Bible is also used to support people's belief that those who are Gay choose to be so and are not really Gay but are in fact Heterosexual. There are people who believe that Gay people have made a personal choice in preferring members of the same sex, while inwardly knowing that they are actually Heterosexual. The section of the Bible that is quoted by such people is the book of Romans in the New Testament. (Romans 1 v 26-27).

This passage is part of a letter that the Apostle Paul wrote to the Roman Christian Congregation at that time and he refers to: -

"Women who exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones" and men "who abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another".

This section of Paul's letter implies that both male and female Heterosexual people decided to become Gay out of choice, with the use of the words "abandoned" and "exchanged" relations confirming this. Paul is condemning them in the belief that all of these people had at some point chosen to be Gay and had begun engaging in Gay practice, but were really in fact Heterosexual.

The Apostle Paul also wrote a letter to the Christian Corinthian Congregation and intimated to them the same ideology. Paul acknowledges that although some of them were once Gay, they had now ceased Gay practice and lifestyle and had repented, which indicates again that Paul believed such people were Gay out of personal choice and had merely "practiced" Homosexuality and were able to give up such a lifestyle. (I Corinthians 6 v 9-11).

Due to this implication by Paul, many fundamental believers of the Bible also readily believe that being Gay is merely a practice that some people decide to engage in, is one that is not sanctioned or acceptable to God and is therefore not a natural part of any person's makeup.

The Apostle Paul believed that Gay people are Heterosexual in essence, but have freely chosen to enter into and practice a Gay lifestyle. Although an Apostle of a high spiritual mind, was his philosophy divinely given him, or did his letter to the Corinthians reflect merely his own personal beliefs and ideas?

Is "Aids" a Divine Punishment?

In considering the section of the Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans in (Romans1 V 26-27) we note that not only did he believe that a section of the Roman community had merely chosen to become Gay, but that they would also receive punishment for their actions. His words are very clear in that he says Gay people "would receive in themselves the due penalty for their perversion". (New International version)

Many people over the years have singled out the Aids Virus as God's specific divine punishment for those who practice a Gay lifestyle and because of their unrepentant Gay activities he has directly punished them. Many people are actually pleased that many Gay people are suffering at the hands of this killer Virus, delighting in observing divine retribution as they believe it to be, being heaped upon such violators and considering it also to be justly deserved. If Aids were truly a divine punishment then it would therefore be logical to expect all Gay people to be suffering from God's judgment.

It is to be expected that if Aids is truly a divine punishment that God would not be partial in his retribution and all Gay people must therefore suffer, but this is not the case. It is also a fact that Lesbians are one of the groups in society that are least likely to contract the disease. If Aids is definitely a divine punishment as many fervently believe, then why is this section of the Gay community able to avoid this terrible disease to some extent and in so doing avoid God's condemnation for their actions.

It is Interesting to note that Pope Pius 1X ruled that it was forbidden for any Christians to be inoculated against Smallpox as this disease was a direct punishment from God. This man no doubt had his reasons for dissuading people from receiving a life saving serum and no doubt believed his directive had been given him from a divine source. It is now however obvious to one and all that this man was wrong in this belief as Smallpox is definitely not a punishment from God, but is due to other explainable factors.

Aids predominantly affects the Gay community and is directly due to their sexual behaviour within their Gay lifestyle. Just as Heterosexuals have to be aware of the many sexual diseases that can be contracted and passed on to others through sexual contact, so too Gay people have sexual diseases that they are susceptible to. Any promiscuous sexual behaviour will undoubtedly lead to problems of a medical nature and unless safeguards are put into place then the ill effects will be reaped. Aids as with other sexually transmitted diseases is a product of promiscuity and is not a divine punishment from God. The Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans was quiet right when he referred to the penalty Gay people "would receive in themselves for their actions", but this penalty was not a divine punishment as he believed, but a result of not living a life that is sober in respects of sexual behaviour.

If a person is sexually promiscuous whether Gay or Heterosexual then they will experience the effects of those actions and suffer accordingly. By having many sexual partners Gay and Heterosexual people alike run a high risk of venereal and other sexually associated diseases and which in reality is the penalty such people will pay within themselves and not a penalty related to divine retribution or punishment. It must be considered also that if Aids is really a divine punishment then medical science would not be able to control or eliminate the disease, for a judgment from God will always be carried out to the letter and it would be an impossibility to eradicate the virus if it was indeed God given.

Is There a "Gay Gene?"

It has been argued for decades that people are Gay due to a gene that they possess which genetically predisposes them to being Gay. The Gay gene theory has been studied in depth since the 1920's largely because Gay activity was seen as criminal behaviour at that time and attempts were made to identify a genetic link to such people's sexual orientation. Numerous studies have been done over the decades to identify a Gay Gene, for if such a Gene was found to exist then it would explain why people prefer partners of the same sex, whilst also exonerating those Heterosexuals who labour the point that a Gay Gene does and must exist.

A research project in 1993 for example indicated that many Gay men shared a common genetic marker on the Xq28 stretch of the X chromosome. A gene for Homosexuality seemed at the time to have been found and the findings were hailed as a great scientific discovery. In 1995 however optimism for chromosome Xq28 as the indicator of Gay orientation faltered and Scientific American printed an article that mentioned the doubts that scientists had over the genetics of Homosexuality. In 1999 scientists George Rice and George Ebers published their findings and in the April edition of Science the scientists showed that their results did not support a gene linked to Gay orientation.

Serious scientists have known and acknowledged for some time now that a genetic cause for Homosexuality was highly unlikely, but due to the mass media coverage of genetic studies and research the misimpression of a genetic link to Gay orientation was conveyed to the world. Since then however, the gene has still not been officially identified, causing interest and enthusiasm for Gay gene research to wane among scientists. There is a growing consensus now that Gay sexual orientation is much more complicated than a matter of genes. Tests and research still continues to be carried out on chromosomes for it is still believed that a link does exist. Unfortunately for those people desperate to make this controversial discovery, the Gay Gene has remained elusive and to date (2004) it still has not been identified.

It is highly likely that if a Gay Gene were found that those people previously prejudiced towards Gay people would still behave indecently towards them or speak disparagingly of them just as they did before. The finding of a Gene that predisposes certain people to being Gay and something that is beyond their control, would still make no difference to some people, as they would undoubtedly continue to harbour or express their views as they did previously.

The finding of a Gay Gene would in itself not be effective enough to eradicate the long-standing hatred that has been in existence for centuries and many people would continue to judge and condemn the Gay population for a lifestyle that although being due to a genetic predisposition, is still seen by them as abnormal and unacceptable.

The following questions are therefore asked:-

Q. Why is it that some people are Gay?

Q. Did God intend for some people to be Gay and if so why ?

The Spirit World Reveals the Truth

The Author received the following insight through direct communication with the Spirit World of God. The words of his Guardian Spirit Rollo are reproduced here exactly as they were received: -

"God is a God of precision, exactness, perfection and order, with all of his creative works testifying to this fact. Everything that God has brought into being has purpose and reason, with nothing being borne out of error or through mistake, for he is a God who operates to standards of excellence far greater than any other. Consider the universe and the fact that the earth and all the planets orbit each other in perfect alignment and with absolute precision, with the sun being the means to support all earthly life.

There is no error of judgement within their framework and all planetary bodies are engineered to the highest specification. The human body is also a feat of divine engineering and a piece of supreme workmanship that cannot be copied by any man. The intricacies and workings of the human brain are still only fathomable in part by the great Doctors of medicine today, for such creative works are beyond man's comprehension. All God's creations are magnificent and perfect, have reason and purpose and are no accident.

Everything therefore that God has created or brought into being is without flaw or fault and adheres to a perfect divine blueprint. People who are Gay must never therefore be viewed as imperfect, for they are specifically created by God and are therefore good. (1 Timothy 4:4) In considering the universe or any of God's creations it must be readily appreciated that God in being a God of exactness could not create anything that was not precise.

Why some people are Gay is revealed

When God originally created the many Spirit Worlds he created all Spirits either male or female and in his image. (Genesis 1:26-27) All Spirits whether male or female will always operate and conduct themselves according to the manner they were created, so that a male Spirit will always operate as a male and a female Spirit will always operate as a female. A Spirit cannot change the way they are for they were created by God specifically as a male or as a female and will always continue to operate as such, regardless of whether they are living within the confines of a human physical body or not.

God allows male Spirits to incarnate upon the earth in female human bodies as he also allows female Spirits to incarnate upon the earth in human male bodies.

A male Spirit therefore although living in a female human body will be attracted to a physical female.

The female Spirit likewise, although living in a human male body will seek the company of a physical male.

It is therefore the type of Spirit within a person that determines what they will be physically attracted to.

A Gay man has within his physical framework a female Spirit and a Gay female has within her physical framework a male Spirit.

A Gay male may have an inner knowing that they are really female and a Gay female may inwardly know that they are really male. This is because the Spirit inside their physical body is opposite to the gender of their physical body, although there are many Gay people who may not possess this inner awareness or appreciate this fact.

There are a number of people who attempt to change their physical gender through surgery and do so as they possess a great inner personal knowledge that they are not actually the gender that they physically appear to be.

The mind is the expression of the Spirit within a person and certain Gay people may have a strong overwhelming inner knowledge that their mind is different to their physical body. Their mind or Spirit tells them they are female, but their physical body is male and vice versa".

Why Gay people are intended to be Gay is revealed

God has two definite reasons for allowing such Gay incarnations to take place and is yet another demonstration of his love for his creation.

1st Reason

God foresaw that he needed to affect some form of constraint over the earthly population of man, as over many thousands of years of physical procreation there would be very quickly a population problem of immense proportions. Overpopulation of the earth would bring about severe problems that would directly interfere with or hamper man's spiritual progress and which God foresaw. He was aware of the need for the population of the earth to be "governed" and therefore brought about this governed arrangement.

Without this arrangement a population explosion and all its associated problems would be a reality and God therefore through such Gay incarnations controls the procreation process of man while still allowing spiritual progress through an incarnation on earth to take place.

2nd Reason

God has a specific purpose for each Heterosexual and Gay person's life on earth and structures his or her experiences accordingly. God structures the incarnation of Gay people differently for them than he does for others, with many of their trials and tests also being of a different content to those of other people. All Gay people throughout their incarnation will receive tests and learn lessons regarding physical and mental control. All aspects of earthly life that is pleasurable requires control and all basic functions of physical life need to be moderated. Eating, drinking, sexual activity and all that is physically enjoyable and pleasurable in life requires moderation for a person to be balanced, with Gay people receiving more stringent tests in these areas than other people. Total control and mastery over the physical body and its desires is the ultimate goal and purpose of all trials and tests given to Gay people by God. Although not marrying and procreating in the way that God intends Heterosexuals to do, Gay people will still learn the spiritual lesson of love through the caring of a partner.

Although not expected or intended to marry, they can live their lives as if they were married and care for each other in exactly the same way as a Heterosexual pair does. The marriage arrangement was brought into being by God to allow spiritual lessons to be learnt, so that through sincere commitment to each other and striving to live a life together in a bond of selfless love, God's divine attribute would be fully understood and appreciated. Gay couples too can also understand and appreciate God's divine attribute through a caring relationship and although not being able to marry each other through the earthly marriage ceremony, they are expected to behave in the same manner towards each other as Heterosexual married couples.

Final words from the Spirit World

"A person who is Gay does not choose to be Gay, but operates according to a divine blueprint and in the manner in which God intended. God did not create anything that he later needed to condemn. God's supreme attribute is love and all who display true love to their partner through a loving relationship whether Heterosexual or Gay, cannot be perverted and any demonstration of God's highest attribute can never be a perversion. All are created equal and in God's image and no person should condemn or judge another, for all are treading an individual spiritual pathway according to their needs and as God has determined. God has love for all creation."

End of Communication

The Spirit World's Final Communication

The Author received the following communication with the Spirit World of God. The words of his Guardian Spirit Rollo are reproduced here exactly as they were received: -

"Gay people and Heterosexual people alike operate according to the physical programme they are born with just as all life forms do and cannot change that. Within that physical framework is the Spirit of the person which operates according to its type, male or female. The Spirit is unchangeable and will always continue to remain as it was intended when first created. A Gay person knows with certainty they are Gay and are sure of their feelings and sexual inclinations towards others. A Gay person does not become Gay overnight or out of some whim or out of a desire to be like other people they associate with, but are Gay from birth and continue to be Gay throughout their life.

A Gay person is not Heterosexual and cannot therefore suddenly give up their Gay lifestyle and would find it impossible to behave as a Heterosexual. There are indeed some Gay people who have behaved as Heterosexuals for many years and even married and had children, but eventually they find that they cannot continue in deceiving themselves or others and finally acknowledge and openly state their sexual orientation.

Many battle against this inner personal knowledge regarding their sexual preference, for some are aware of the prejudice or hostility they will suffer if they are openly honest about such a preference and therefore choose to keep quiet to avoid any unpleasantness. Those who have remained silent about their Gay orientation will in time embrace a Gay lifestyle to some degree, for it is impossible for a Gay person not to.

All people must acknowledge, honour and respect themselves, for all that they are has been given to them. If you do not love and respect yourself, you cannot love and respect others. Give respect to all life forms and you too will be respected. Live in harmony with others and see all people as an ally and not your enemy.

All are of God and all belong to him; do not therefore despise anything borne out of that which is perfect. Gain understanding of your fellow man, for by doing so you will learn to accept him, for through understanding and acceptance love is developed."

End of Communication



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