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Are There Different Types of Spirits?

There are two distinct classes of Spirits, who exist on different levels to each other and who have clearly defined individual boundaries.

The two classes are "Celestial Spirits" and "Incarnated Spirits." Although there are two classes of Spirits, there are different types of Spirits within each class.

Celestial Spirits

Celestial Spirits have never lived on the earth before, but have always existed within the heavenly realms.

This class of Spirit exists within the heavens and will continue to dwell there unless God has a reason or specific purpose for any of them to live a life on this planet.

Jesus was just such a Celestial Spirit who incarnated on this earth 2000 years ago for a reason and for a specific purpose, who once his mission was accomplished, re –entered and returned to those heavenly realms.

There are also various types of Celestial Spirits who are known by specific individual names.

Amongst the Celestial Spirits there are also varying levels, with many ranks within those levels and all with clearly defined work to do.

In (Genesis 3 v 24) Celestial Spirits are referred to as Cherubim and there are the Seraphim who are recorded in (Isaiah 6:2).

The Seraphim

The Seraphim

The Cherubim

The Cherubim

The Archangel

The Archangel

In (Jude v 9) we see mention of Archangels.

Archangels are used by God to deliver messages of importance to mankind as he did by means of the Archangel Gabriel when informing Mary of the forthcoming birth of Jesus. (Luke 1: 26-31)

Celestial Spirits are known collectively to man by the term Angels and it is by this name that they are more commonly recognised by. Still too there are Celestial Spirits called Thrones, Powers, and Authorities and to whom reference is made in the Bible in a number of different sections. God has allowed us to know the names of these Spirits, but there are many other Spirits whose names we are not allowed to know. (1 Peter 3: 22) & (Colossians 1: 15 - 16)

There also exists in the heavens what are called Hierarchies, with different degrees of authority given to them, due to their stage of advancement and evolvement within the heavens. There are Hierarchies above Hierarchies with the full complement of Spirit life being an unknown quantity to us, as it is not intended for us to know in detail all the mechanics of the Heavenly realms.

Even if we were to be informed of the work conducted by such Hierarchies we would not be able to understand, just as a person who lived a hundred years ago was not in a position to understand the workings of a radio, television or computer.

These Spirits are Celestial beings who live within their own dimension or realm, have order within their ranks and are loyal to God, working relentlessly for good and all that is righteous and upright.

There are however Celestial Spirits that are in opposition to God and are called Demons, are a part of Satan’s organisation and who work relentlessly for all that is bad.

All Celestial Spirit’s personal boundary's are within the heavenly spheres and are not intended to live on the earth, having no permission either from God to do so.

At one time however a number of Celestial Spirits (Demons) did come to earth and took on human form and even married women of that time. They had no permission or right to do this, but done so in defiance of God and in an exercise of their free will lived on earth for a time.

They done this by materialising physical matter around their Spirit bodies so that they appeared to everyone as a human.

The Celestial Spirits were called the Nephilim or "The Watchers" who came to earth at the time of Noah and who existed here on earth until the Great Flood came, at which point all humankind bar eight were destroyed. (Genesis 6: 1-4)

The Nephilim were to all appearances totally human, but possessed attributes that were different from humans as they were in essence materialised Spirits. The Nephilim were renowned for their size and unusual strength, being referred to as giants in one account in the Bible.


The Nephilim

The Celestial Spirits or the Nephilim that had defied God eventually suffered the dire consequences of this deplorable action and paid dearly for it.

They were condemned to a life in a heavenly prison, where they still remain to this day, with the offspring of the Nephilim being destroyed by the Great Flood along with many others.

Jesus when his earthly mission was accomplished and completed visited these disobedient Celestial Spirits in their heavenly prison were they had been held since Noah's day and conversed with them about Spiritual matters. (1 Peter 3: 18-20).

The prison where these Spirits are held, is the same prison or Abyss where Celestial Spirits are cast or sent following Exorcism. See (Luke 8: 26-33).

When a Spirit is commanded to be sent to this prison or Abyss they are only released when God allows, for their transgression against him is so great that they must await his judgement.

The Church of Light has always been instructed to send Spirits to the Abyss when conducting the Divine service of Exorcism.

Incarnated Spirits

The second type of Spirits are the “ Incarnated Spirits “and are the ones that have lived on the earth previously as mortals.

These are Spirits who have existed and lived on earth at some point earlier in history, but have left their physical bodies behind and are now living in new dimensions in the Spirit World.

This transition comes about at the death of the physical body when the Spirit of the person leaves their physical body and ascends upwards to exist in new Spiritual surroundings.

These Spirits although now living in the Spirit World will continue to behave in the Spirit World just as when on the earth.

Their character remains unchanged, for just because they now exist in a pure Spirit state does not mean that they have undergone some instant transformation of character, but will continue to conduct themselves and hold the same beliefs as they did on earth.

A person who was violent when on earth will initially behave no differently in the Spirit World, but will continue with this trait until they begin to learn that such behaviour is wrong.

Change must necessarily take place for in the Spirit World just as on earth, many lessons will be learned to enable this to happen, thereby refining oneself Spiritually.

Of the two types of Spirits i.e. Celestial and Incarnated, both are comprised of an element of good Spirits and bad Spirits.

There is however more good Spirits in both classes than there are bad ones.

Spirit Types Active in the Present Day

There are certain types of Spirits that are active in our present day and are known as: - Earthbound Spirits, Mysterious Strangers, Poltergeists, Incubus, Succubus, Guides/Guardian Spirits and Spirit Helpers.

Earthbound Spirits

This type of Spirit has exercised its Free Will to remain on a level that is as close to the earth as it can be. This type does not want to progress and is disinclined to leave the position.

Although the general term used by most people for this type of Spirit is "Earthbound" they are actually Incarnated Spirits as they have lived on the earth before.

Usually these Spirits are lacking Spiritual awareness or knowledge, being a person who refused to believe in God or in a Spirit World when they lived on earth.

Even in their new Spirit body they continue to find difficulty in understanding what has happened to them and reject all help offered them.

They have exercised their free will and will therefore remain earthbound, although this free will can only be exercised in part, for it is God's will that we all progress through the heavenly realms.

Therefore such Spirits will in time receive admonishment and counselling from other evolved Spirits thereby enabling them to progress along their own individual Spiritual pathway.

You hear reports of Spirits who have taken up residence within Public Houses for example and may be scaring the customers at times.

When this happens it is due to the fact that the Spirit who is a person who lived previously on earth (Incarnated Spirit), wishes to remain close to the places or people they spent a lot of time with and have no wish to change this.

The Spirit in exercising its free will remains in the Pub due to its ignorance and non acceptance of the Spiritual life that awaits it.

Eventually the Spirit will either receive help from the Spirit World or through the help of a Clairvoyant who has the ability to converse with the Spirit and offer sound Spiritual enlightenment and guidance, enabling thereby the Spirit to move forward.

The Church of Light conducts this type of Spiritual work which it calls “ Liberation “.

Mysterious Strangers

There are Spirits who are sent by God to help people in times of great danger, especially if that particular person has predestined work to do for God and he deems it necessary for them to be aided through the trouble they are facing.

These Spirits attend people at such times, with many accounts having been recorded of direct assistance being received by God's Spirits, although many people are unaware that their helpers were actually in fact Spirits.

The phenomena of “Mysterious Strangers” is therefore the Spirits of God who have materialised physical matter around their Spirit body and then appearing human have given assistance to the person in need at that time.


Many accounts of Mysterious Strangers, or The Men in Black, have been correlated from around the world and all with similar traits.

Usually the person concerned is in a desperate or dangerous situation and requires immediate help as there is no means of assistance anywhere in the vicinity.

The Mysterious Stranger usually does not speak to them and yet has full knowledge of the immediate problem.

The Mysterious Stranger/Spirit attending such people are always seen to only perform the task in hand and do not attempt to do anything else except what they have been sent to do.

They usually do not speak, as they concern themselves only with the practical side of their assignment and on completion of the task leave immediately. They are heard to speak only when necessary and allowed by God to do so.


Another type of Spirit and one who decides to violently move objects around a particular location as in a house for example, is known as a Poltergeist.

A Poltergeist is another Spirit who is of the Incarnated type and who has decided to behave in this manner in an exercise of it's own Free Will.

People who have the Gift of Clairvoyance will be in a position to converse with such a Spirit to ascertain as to why it is behaving in such a destructive and frightening way, for the Spirit will have a definite reason for its behaviour.

Many presumed experts suggest that the Poltergeist is no more than a negative energy that has built up in a room over a period of time and which has now become unleashed.

Other experts suggest the activity is directly attributable to the energies of a young girl or girls who unknowingly bring about poltergeist activity.

The Poltergeist is a Spirit and not pure raw energy as also thought by some, it being the activity of the Spirit of a person that has lived previously on the earth.

As this activity has order to it and intelligent direction in the movement of objects, it indicates that it is not the product of some mere uncontrolled energy, but rather there is thought being given to what is taking place.

If it is the case that young girls are suffering the effects of a Poltergeist's activity, then it is because that Spirit is actually attracted by the physical female form of the young girls.

The Spirit desires to have physical interaction with them but is unable to do so and therefore reacts violently out of sheer frustration.

It usually does not take long for this type of Spirit to realise the futility of its operation and will be seen to leave the place of its activity within a short time.

Six months is usually a lengthy period of time for such a Spirit to still be active.

Although Poltergeists are usually Incarnated Spirits, Celestial Spirits who are not followers of God but are of an evil intention can also behave in the same disruptive way and unlike the Poltergeist its celestial counterpart is able to interact with its victims, as they possess more power than the Poltergeist.

An Incubus and A Succubus

An Evil Celestial Spirit who desires the female form and preys upon females with a sexual desire is called an Incubus, whereas an Evil Celestial Spirit that desires the male form is called a Succubus.

An Incubus or Succubus will be sensed by the person targeted, as they will have sensation that something or someone is in the room with them, which progresses to the point were the person begins to feel or see an invisible pressure on the bed.

If these Spirits are left unchecked it will succeed in its ultimate goal which is to share the bed with you.

Once it has reached this stage it will then begin to perform sex acts or give you sensations of a sexual nature.

An Incubus or Succubus if it desires to appear to you, can materialise in front of you or on top of you and will always appear as a Dwarf type creature with a countenance similar to that of a Gargoyle.

A horse may also be seen through Clairvoyance, or the sound of a horse heard and is the original reason for the term:- “A Nightmare” (Night-Mare)


An Incubus

Both the Incubus and the Succubus are Celestial Spirits that enjoy close and intimate contact with humans, with both Spirits acting and behaving in the same way whether their victims are male or female.

These Spirits have power and will remain with you for as long as they wish, as unlike the Poltergeist they are Celestial Spirits and have more control.

The Church of Light as part of its Spiritual work is able to remove such Spirits and therefore urges anyone who is in need of assistance in this regard to contact Colin at The Church of Light as soon as possible.

Spirit Guides

These Spirits have lived on the earth at one time before and have been given specific responsibility for the Spiritual welfare of certain people who currently live on the earth.

These Spirits have been given the work of helping the people assigned to them through their earthly life, assisting them as best they can to meet all the experiences destined for them and to help them Spiritually advance.

The level of a persons Spirituality will determine the Spirit that is assigned to them, with the more powerful and experienced Spirits being allotted to those people who are more progressed and have a definite Spiritual work to perform in their lifetime.

Once a person's awareness of Spiritual matters is raised and knowledge is gained and their desire to serve God and mankind is kindled, then the relationship between the person on earth and their Spirit Guide will begin to blossom.

Once a person opens themselves up to God and wishes to serve him more, their Spirit Guide is then able to take a more active role in developing that desire.

The Spiritual Law of "Like Attracts Like" applies here, so that the Spirit Guide you will have assigned to you will be the one most suited to you and based on your level of Spirituality and progress.

As you make Spiritual advancement it may be necessary for more powerful Spirit Guides to be given you, either working in conjunction with your present Guide or instead of.

A person is always able to know who their Spirit Guide is and has only to seek awareness of them.

Spirit Helpers

Helpers are also Spirits who have lived on earth at some point in history and who are possibly linked to you in some way, with some Helpers being members of your family line, like Grandfathers or Great Grandmothers for example.

They may be people who are not known to you, maybe being people you do not have a family or friendship link with, but who may have actually been friends with a past family member of yours and because of this wish to help and assist you.

Many Spirit Helpers can be assigned to help you, with the number of Helpers once again being based upon your Spiritual work and destiny.

It is not always possible to know who your Spirit Helpers are, for some of them only help you for a short time, as for example with a particular task you are engaged in.

Spirit Helpers also assist you when you are going through a particularly difficult time in your life and will at times like this help and support you.

For those people who are engaged in a Spiritual work, they will receive assistance from many Spirit Helpers during the course of their Spiritual life so that their God given tasks are successfully completed.

Spirit Helpers therefore do not remain with you as your Spirit Guide does and therefore it is not important that you have detailed knowledge of who they are.


There are therefore two classes of Spirits but with many variations within each class. All is Spirit and all was created by God to exist for all time, for Spirit that is of God who is eternal, is eternal.

Spirits of God

Eternal spirits of God



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