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The Church of Light

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The Church of Light offers a truly vast spiritual insight, whereby each individual can personally decide to either reject or accept.

From this page you can discover much more concerning spiritual healing, spiritual awareness, psychic development, and the Divine healing procedure of exorcism.

As an independent church in Maghull Liverpool, The Church of Light’s spiritual archive is quite comprehensive and so rather than read through all that we have supplied on this one page, we have provided a menu list of many more pages to choose from.

Please click on the relevant links below to discover more about The Church of Light, affording everyone a much greater understanding of The Spirit World’s of God.



 A Revelation

  The Meaning of Service

  Does Man Have a Spirit?

  Why are Some People "Gay?

  An Understanding of the Spirit World

  Meetings Held by The Church Of Light 

 What Does The Church of Light Believe?

  What Can The Church of Light Teach Us? 

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The Symbol of the Church of Light Explained

Can The Church of Light Really Heal People?

Can The Church of Light Exorcise Evil Spirits?

 Tell Me About The Church of Light and Its Founder  

 About The Church of Light's Spiritual Insight and Healing Gift

 What People Have to Say About The Church of Light & Its Work?

 What Does The Church of Light Think of Other Religions and Religious Groups?



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