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Spiritual healer and exorcist Colin Harrison, is actively engaged in the removal of any troublesome spirits that are occupying a person's home and other premises in Liverpool and the surrounding areas of Merseyside.

He also successfully removes spirits that have attached themselves to individuals. This process is a Divine spiritual healing procedure more commonly known and referred to as Exorcism. 

There are Celestial spirits who are totally negative in every way or evil and have never lived on earth before. There are also Incarnated spirits who are the spirits of people who have lived on the earth before and although not necessarily evil, can still be very troublesome to us on earth.

Colin Harrison Spiritual Healer and  Exorcist

Both types of spirit’s are successfully dealt with by Colin and the whole removal process through either Exorcism or Liberation is completed within a short space of time. If you can say YES to ANY of the following questions, then you need Colin’s assistance.

Q: Do you have a noisy spirit (Poltergeist) in your home? This is very easily recognisable with the likes of objects or furniture being thrown around a room.

Q: Do you feel the presence of a Spirit, or see a Ghost in your home?

Q: Are you hearing strange unnerving noises that keep you awake at night?

Q: Are you experiencing any supernatural phenomena that you wish would stop?

Q: Is your health being affected by Spirits in your home?

Spirits are able to attach themselves to people, to their property or to their belongings and will continue to remain present through this attachment as long as conditions remain favourable for these spirits to remain attached. This can be based on the way you live your life, your treatment of others and your overall conduct.

A spirit that has attached itself for whatever reason has no place being there and needs to be removed. A person who has a negative or evil spirit present within their house will have no doubt as to it's presence, due to the effects that are felt and seen from it's activity.

The process of Exorcism is a Gift from God given to certain individuals so that these malevolent Spirits can be removed and if necessary sent to a place where they cannot do any more harm. Exorcism is one of the gifts of the highest order as Jesus himself was known for the use of three main Divine talents namely, Teaching, Healing and Exorcism, with many accounts being written concerning Jesus' exorcising or casting out demonic spirits.

A person who has been given this Divine authority is the only person able carry out exorcism, as to try to exorcise a malevolent or evil spirit without this God given authority can place you in a position of great danger and your life may be at risk. These malevolent spirits Know who has this authority and who does not and will use the opportunity to cause harm to any person who attempts to exorcise unlawfully. Consider the account in the Bible when seven men tried to exorcise an evil spirit from a man at the time of the Apostle Paul. (Acts 19: 11- 16)

These men considered that they had the Authority from God to remove the evil spirit, but because they did not actually possess such Divine authority they suffered severe consequences. The spirit spoke to them and outwardly denied that they had the required authority and further disclaimed all knowledge of who they were, for this spirit did not recognise them as people able to perform such an act. They all suffered a severe physical attack as a result of their attempt to exorcise the spirit. This Authority to remove spirits must be Divinely given to a person for this work to be successfully carried out, just as Jesus gave it to his Disciples. (Luke 9: 1 - 2)

The account recorded in (Mark 9: 20 - 27) is an example of the recognition by a Spirit of Divine authority and jurisdiction that a person has over it. The spirit in this account on seeing Jesus and in the knowledge of Jesus' Divine authority over spirits reacted badly and threw the boy into a convulsion.

The account in (Mark 1: 21- 27) also confirms that evil spirits have knowledge and recognition of one who has the authority from God to remove them. This account details how the spirit conversed with Jesus, seemingly with full knowledge that it was about to be removed, as its tone was one of a mocking nature. Once the command under the authority of God was given, the spirit reacted violently and left the man.

A person today who claims to be given Divine authority to expel evil spirits can only be vindicated by virtue of the good effects seen following the exorcism. If a person is experiencing severe problems in their home at the hands of an evil spirit and an exorcism is performed but the spirit is still active afterwards, then the exorcist does not have the required authority to perform such work.

There are many reports of exorcisms that take numerous days to perform and conclude, due to the alleged volume of spirits connected with the person or property. Any exorcist working in this way must be avoided, as once the commands to leave are given to evil spirits by a person having the authority from God, those spirits regardless of their numbers must and will leave that person or property immediately and not take days to do so. These spirits are not given a period of time in which to vacate the place they are residing in and neither are they allowed to leave the person or property at their own convenience.

Any person who requires a great amount of time to conclude an exorcism cannot be receiving their authority from God. In cases like this the evil spirit is actually deceiving the exorcist into thinking it is being removed and is in affect playing with the exorcist as a cat does with a mouse, it being a common pursuit of these spirits with naive people.

If you can say YES to ANY of the following questions, then you have an Incubus or a Succubus (Sexual Spirits) in your home and URGENTLY need the assistance of The Church of Light.

Q: Do you see signs of something invisible sitting or your bed, or feel an invisible person trying to get into bed with you?

Q: Do you feel or sense an invisible body lying next to you or an invisible force touching you intimately when you are in bed?

Q: Do you hear the sound of a Horse in your bedroom?

Q; Are you seeing the shape of a horse forming in the corner of the room?

Q; Do you feel a weight pushing down on your chest when in bed?


Typical spirit or

“ghost” image


An Incubus

seen Clairvoyantly


through Exorcism

Disturbances at night time, particularly when we are asleep or trying to sleep, can mean the presence of an Incubus or Succubus if there is an invisible contact being made.

An Incubus preys on females, while a Succubus prefers males.

Both are Sexual Spirits and both will become more powerful and stronger in their intention the longer they are present in your home.

Their ultimate goal is to have sex with their victim.


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