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What does The Church of Light believe?

1. There is only one God who is supreme, the Almighty and the Creator of all that is. His name as originally recorded in ancient manuscripts is unpronounceable, being YHWH and known as The Tetragrammaton with this name being respectfully used by The Church of Light for communicational purposes.

2. Jesus Christ was the firstborn Spirit of God, co- creator with God of all that exists and "The Redeemer" of all mankind.

3. The Spirit of each person is eternal as we are of God who is eternal.

4. All mankind past and present existed in the heavens as pure Spirit beings prior to the creation of the earth and took part in the rebellion (The Fall) against God under the leadership of Lucifer (Satan the Devil), thereby committing the "original sin".

5. The earth and the 13 "Spheres of Redemption" were formed by God to allow all repentant Fallen Spirits the opportunity to work their way back to the position they once held in the heavens, with earthly life being the start of man's return. Once progress is made through the 13th sphere then the original position in the heavens will be regained. This provision is called God's "Plan of Salvation".

6. All individuals are given Free-will but are accountable and responsible for their actions, giving account to God for all their actions at the end of their earthly life. Spiritual laws govern the lives and actions of all individuals.

7. Reincarnation necessarily and repeatedly occurs on earth until all Spiritual lessons are learned and all God given tests are passed. A person may have to live many lives, but will always incarnate as a human being and never in the form of an animal. There is no retrogression of life forms, therefore a Spirit occupying a human body in a particular earthly lifetime will never retrogress to a lower level in a subsequent life. All Spirits have their order, with the Spirits that occupy human bodies on earth not being of the same order as that of the animals. All Spirits operate within their order's boundaries and limitations.

8. Love is the greatest divine attribute, the driving force of the universe and must be displayed at all times. In all we think, do and say it should testify and display our genuine love for God, for our fellow man and for ourselves.

9. God in order to aid mankind's progress in the process of Redemption sanctions communication between the Worlds of Spirit and the earth. Spirits residing on the 13 Spheres of Redemption, together with groups of higher Spirits known as Hierarchies, have a direct influence upon mankind as they work to assist all people were possible in their return to God's Kingdom.

10. Spiritual Gifts are given to people by God for the common good, to be used without prejudice or reservation and never for personal gain. Exorcism and Liberation is a specific divine ministry given by God to those whom he chooses.

11. Forgiveness for transgressions is only given by God and only following true repentance. Through prayer and a practical display of one's repentance, God will forgive transgressions. All transgressions against us personally should be forgiven irrespective of the deed, just as God continually forgives us.

12. Marriage and procreation is a necessary and important part of God's overall plan for mankind's Redemption. "Gay" people are designed by God to be exempt from the procreation facet of human life.

13. The practice of Divination to seek what the future holds is not a God given Spiritual Gift and is to be avoided. The insight given to Diviners originates with those Spirits who are in opposition to God.

14. Predestination of people's lives takes place before their incarnation on earth to allow the best experiences for spiritual advancement to be given them. The whole of a person's life is not predestined. A person's Free will determines the outcome of that which has been predestined. God has no knowledge of our ultimate decisions.

15. Sexual relations before marriage is acceptable if a couple have made a definite formal commitment to each other to marry and have begun preparations to solemnise that commitment through the marriage ceremony. Sexual relations before marriage and without the intention and commitment to marry is promiscuous behaviour and unacceptable to God.

"Gay" couples are bound by the same rules, as they too are expected to make a similar commitment to their partner as Heterosexuals do and are expected to conduct themselves according to the same guidelines.

16. Jesus will not return again to this earth whether in human or Spirit form. Jesus' role as The Redeemer was the reason for his one and only earthly incarnation. God's "Plan of Salvation" for mankind does not require Jesus to return again.

17. A place of eternal fiery torment (Hell) where unrepentant transgressors go after life on earth does not exist. God is a God of love and therefore has no desire to harm or inflict suffering to any of his creation. God does not eternally punish transgressors, but provides the means for sins to be forgiven.

18. There is no Trinity comprised of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; all three are individual and not one Spirit. God is the Almighty, The Creator, Jesus is his firstborn Spirit and the Holy Spirit is God's own power or energy, with all three being separate and distinct from each other.

19. Baptism is an outward public display of one's belief and faith in God and should only be performed when a person is known to have made definite progress in becoming more spiritually and morally excellent. Baptism is to be performed only for those who are able to make this conscious decision for themselves. Baptism does not negate previous or future transgressions.

20. Confession of wrongdoing is a necessary part of repentance. Confession of all transgressions must firstly be personally addressed to God through prayer, who following true repentance will forgive. Confession of wrongdoing to another person is encouraged, but only if that person is able to give sound practical counsel, help or support.

21. Termination or Abortion of the life of an unborn child is always unacceptable if the parents entered into sexual relations willingly and knowingly and in an expression of their free will. Both have responsibility and accountability for their actions and are both therefore responsible and accountable for the conception and life of the child.

A female who has sexual relations without her consent or knowledge and subsequently becomes pregnant, will in being the victim of an exercise of another person's free will, have no obligation to continue with the pregnancy. This person did not become pregnant through personal choice i.e. through an exercise of her own free will and is therefore not responsible or accountable for the conception of the child, or for discontinuing the pregnancy.

The Spirit that would as a matter of course lived within the physical body of the child given that the pregnancy had of continued, will be assigned by God to another body. The Spirit that would have lived in this body is still alive.

22. Contraception is in essence control and an acceptable practice, for as with all aspects of life control is necessary to gain order. Without order there is chaos and unprotected sexual relations between couples can result in severe problems being experienced, which will prove detrimental to the couple, their subsequent children and the family's spiritual progress.

23. All humans regardless of their gender, race, culture, colour, stature, disabilities, secular/social status, sexual orientation or beliefs are all Spirits of God and are therefore all equal. Some people are more spiritually and/or morally progressed than others and some possess talents or skills in areas of life that others do not, but all are equal to each other, with no person being greater in any way than the next.

24. The eating of meat is a personal and individual choice based on God given free will. A meat eater should not judge a non-meat eater and a non-meat eater should likewise not judge the meat eater. The drinking of alcohol is an acceptable practice providing that moderation and restraint is employed at all times. Drunkenness or alcoholism of any degree is unacceptable.

25. The resurrection of every person takes place immediately at the point of physical death. Every person is resurrected to continue life in Spirit form on the spiritual level they have earned. The level aspired to is determined by the way they have lived their life and past lives, with cumulative spiritual progress being the overall determining factor of the level attained. The physical body returns to the ground but the Spirit of the person following resurrection continues to exist.

26. Charitable works are a necessary part of spiritual development, for being charitable to another person is a demonstration of love for them. Anyone who is in a position to help a person in need should do so and any request for help from a person in need should never be ignored. Charity or love should be offered to a person when awareness of their need is recognised, or when it is apparent that assistance is greatly needed. Charity or love should therefore be offered before the person in need has found it necessary to request help.



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