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The Church of Light’

Spiritual Insight & Healing Gifts

The Church Of Light is a newly established Church, offering all people the truth concerning man's origin, the true reason for living a life here on earth and to the realisation of our real purpose in life now and in the future.

Colin has regular contact with the Spirit World of God and has during the course of these communications received Spiritual insight regarding the origin of man and of his ultimate purpose.

It is therefore the intention of The Church Of Light to raise people’s awareness to the existence of God, to the existence of his Spirit Worlds and to his Plan of Salvation for mankind and to the true understanding of that plan.

Through the use of Divine “Gifts of the Spirit" Colin through The Church of Light endeavours to succeed in this mission. Many people require a tangible demonstration of God’s power before they will believe in Him, with Spiritual Healing serving that need.

Jesus demonstrated God’s power through Spiritual Healing so that many people at that time could more readily accept Jesus’ teachings and believe in God. By observing Jesus performing Healing miracles, many people were then inclined to listen to what he had to say.

The Church of Light conducts Healing now for the same reason and with the same intention as Jesus did 2000 years ago.


Assisting Colin in his Divine Spiritual Mission are Rollo Colin’s spirit guide, imparting spiritual guidance clairaudiently to Colin and Bernadette Soubirous, who helps Colin with his spiritual healing gift.

Why Saint Bernadette and a Viking ?


St Bernadette


King Rollo

Colin has received an answer from Rollo to this question as he asked him some years ago why he is working with Bernadette as it seems a most unlikely combination.

Rollo explained that 1100 years have passed by since he lived on earth and he has learned a lot in that time and he is not the person he was then, but is far more spiritually progressed.

He said he still however retains the Viking mentality and by this he said he means that he in leading the Vikings would always win the day and he would always succeed in any mission.

He said he passes on to Colin this desire to succeed and the strength to continue on with the work of Healing. Rollo said he gives conviction and fixity of purpose to Colin so that with Bernadette's assistance too success is guaranteed and Colin's work in Healing will raise awareness to God.

Therefore the strength, conviction and energy of the Viking and the Healing direction from Bernadette is a most powerful combination.



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