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Can The Church of Light really heal people?

Yes it can!

Spiritual healer Colin Harrison conducts spiritual healing in Maghull Liverpool at The Church of Light. Spiritual healing is conducted in exactly the same way Jesus healed people over 2000 years ago.

Many people who had severe medical conditions have received help through spiritual healing by The Church of Light and have seen their physical or mental problems disappear.

People from all walks of life and from all around the world have received spiritual healing from The Church of Light and testify to its success.

The Church of Light conducts spiritual healing for all people, regardless of whether they believe in God or not, or are sceptical of the practice. The success of spiritual healing by The Church of Light is not reliant on any person’s individual beliefs.

The Church of Light also conducts spiritual healing, working effectively, regardless of a person’s religious persuasion. God does not discriminate.

The Church of Light does not expect or require any person after receiving spiritual healing to feel obliged to join the Church.

Furthermore no attempt will ever be made by The Church of Light to persuade a person to leave their present Church to become a member.

So What is Spiritual Healing?

Every person living on the earth is comprised of three things, a physical body, a mind and a spirit. When your body your mind and your spirit are working totally and completely in harmony with each other good health is always experienced.

When all three are operating without any interference or disruption, then no disease, ailment or affliction is prevalent.

When however a disharmony or disruption to a person’s spirit occurs although you may not know from where such disharmony has stemmed, it will always manifest itself as a physical complaint in the body.

The mind is the expression of the spirit within, which can also become disrupted if a person's spirit is not harmonious, resulting in mental health problems being experienced as a matter of course.

Therefore a Doctor may treat a complaint with no success, finally stating on such occasions that, there is nothing more that can be done! This is due to the fact that they are unable to treat such imbalances of the spirit or mind with tablets or surgery.

Spiritual healing is often sought when all avenues have been explored and no cure, remedy or relief is forthcoming from any medical source.

Healing that is conducted in the presence of the person in need is referred to as contact healing, while if they are not present it is known as absent or distant healing.

Spiritual healing literally means Healing by Spirit, i.e. the healing power is received from the Spirit World under the authority of God, making the whole process a spiritual one, with the people giving this type of healing being referred to as spirit healers or spiritual healers.

A harmonising takes place through this Divine healing process of the mind, body and spirit, resulting in the physical manifestation of the disharmony being removed, with wholeness, completeness and good health being reinstated.

The healing power is conveyed by spirits of God and as a result of the intercession made by the Spiritual Healer on the person’s behalf.

Spirits or " angels of healing” as they are also known, are given the task of directing the Healing Power to where it is required, it being channeled directly and Divinely through the Healer to the person concerned.

The Healing Power comes from the good Spirit World of God, is directed through the Healer and given to the person in need and then the necessary adjustments are made.            

A person who has The Gift of Healing, which is a direct gift from God, performs true spiritual healing. The Apostle Paul discusses Spiritual Gifts from God and lists many of them in the first book of Corinthians in the Bible. (1 Corinthians 12: 1-11)

This Gift although given to the healer, is for the common good, must be used and freely given whenever it is requested and without prejudice or reservation.

It is true that spiritual healing at times works instantly, removing the complaint, ailment or disease immediately, with such healings like these being classed as miracles.

Instantaneous healings are often seen but are not commonplace, as through Spiritual Healing the complaint is normally eroded away gradually, dissipating away day by day until full health is restored once again.

The process of spiritual healing can be likened therefore to a course of medical treatment given to you by your Doctor, so that each intercession made on your behalf by the spiritual healer is as though another tablet, spoonful of medicine or injection has been given to you.

Just as a Doctor would not expect his patient to fully recover from their complaint after taking just one tablet or swallowing only one spoonful of medicine, so too a spiritual healer anticipates that the problem will begin disappearing as each healing request is made.

As spiritual healing is a Divine procedure it is therefore not usually possible for any healer to state whether a complaint will definitely be removed, as it is not within their jurisdiction to do so.

Spiritual healers of The Church Of Light are aware that the healing power is not of them and therefore cannot give a guarantee that a person will be completely healed

All people who ask for healing will be helped however, with the degree of that help being decided not by a spiritual healer but by God himself.

So what is the purpose of Spiritual Healing?

All things in Heaven and Earth have purpose and there is reason behind everything that is created, with Spiritual Healing being no exception, as it too is given to our world for a specific reason and purpose.

The majority of people today attribute great importance to the owning of material possessions, with their lives being totally focused and revolving around materialism eg: the pursuit of money and the amassing of material wealth.

Often great amounts if not all of a person's time and energy is put into the obtaining of money, to buy even more material items that in reality may not be needed but merely desired.

Due to this long standing avid pursuit of material wealth the knowledge of our true origins, of the reasons for our life on the earth and of our eventual destination, has been cast aside with many people now being ignorant of the true reality of life.

Mankind's purpose for being on the earth is to gain awareness and understanding of his affinity with God, to realise that Divinity lies within each of us and that we are all in essence spiritual beings.

To ultimately draw closer to God from whom we originated and become more involved with Spiritual matters as opposed to material ones is what is expected of us all in our lifetime on earth.

When spiritual healing is performed and good health is restored to a sick person, it gives all observers an opportunity to see for themselves the power of God.

It is through a tangible recordable action such as the healing of the sick and infirm that people can begin to come to a realisation and acceptance of God and put into perspective man’s position in the universe.

With such a powerful demonstration of God's power being shown through spiritual healing, people are made aware of his existence.

Spiritual healing when observed allows people to have their awareness raised to the existence of the many invisible Spirit Worlds that have specific work and tasks to perform, with healing being one facet of their work.

Jesus when he was on the earth over 2000 years ago demonstrated through his Healing work the power of God so that people in those days could also gain awareness and understanding.

Jesus’ ministry served the same purpose then as it does now and that is to raise awareness in man to God, to the fact he is real, exists and desires us to have again the same relationship we once had with him.

When medical conditions whether physical or mental are removed from people and they are totally well again, it is so all observers will realise that an invisible yet superior and powerful intelligence is at work, thereby prompting thought to be given to spiritual matters.

Many people require proof of the existence of God before they will believe in him, with spiritual healing satisfying this need.

God gives spiritual healing to this world so all can witness a demonstration of his power and compassion, raising thereby the desire to gain knowledge of him and of his purposes.

Typical Spiritual Healing questions answered


Q: Are hands placed on me during spiritual healing?

Hands are put upon you during the process of spiritual healing. The healer's hands will be placed on your head or maybe directly on the area of concern. Hands are never put on an area of your body without your expressed permission. Spiritual healers of The Church Of Light always employ discretion in this regard.

Q: Will I need to remove any clothing?

No clothing at any time will need to be removed during the process of spiritual healing. You yourself may wish to remove certain clothing in the interests of your comfort.

Q: Do I need to lie down on the floor or on a bed?

You will sit on a straight-backed chair and the spiritual healer will stand or sit to the side, in front or behind you. You will never be asked to lie on a bed or on the floor.

Q. Do you employ hypnotism at all in spiritual healing?

The Church Of Light in performing spiritual healing use no form of hypnosis. You will be conscious throughout the healing process and totally aware of what is taking place. You will not experience any hypnotic trance like state, nor will the healer.

Q: Will the healer go into trance or will I?

The healer will not go into trance at any time and neither will you. All concerned will be conscious and fully aware of what is happening. You will be aware of your surroundings too.

Q: How long will spiritual healing take?

Spiritual healing usually takes the same amount of time regardless of the complaint. From the start to the finish of the process takes approx. 5 - 10 minutes.

More time is spent before spiritual healing begins, as the healer will outline the procedure involved and will answer any questions you may have.

Q: Should I continue taking my tablets?

You must always take any tablets or medicine that is prescribed for you by a Doctor or Hospital. spiritual healing will work along side your medication and compliment it.

Once spiritual healing begins to dissipate your problem away, you are advised to then seek advice from your Doctor regarding any reduction in your tablets or medicine. Any Doctors or Hospital appointments must also be honoured.

Q: Do I need to do anything whilst spiritual healing is being conducted?

A person receiving spiritual healing is advised to try to relax during the process and to have a mindful acceptance of the healing power being requested for them.

All recipients of spiritual healing need only to sit quietly for the duration and enjoy the experience.

Q: What will I feel during and after spiritual healing?

Each person is different and the effects felt can vary from one person to another. Whilst spiritual healing is being conducted certain people experience a deep sense of relaxation and calm.

Some people experience a sensation of heat, while others feel a cold sensation and which is usually experienced on the head, hands or feet. The sensations are not disturbing by any means and nobody is ever alarmed by them.

Many people however following Spiritual Healing find themselves being compelled to fall asleep. It is imperative that you do not fight against this desire to sleep, but to accept it, as it is a part of the Divine process.       

You will not be able to stop it happening at times and it is during these sleep periods that the Divine healing is given you.                        

There are some people who feel no sensations at all, whether the feeling of being relaxed or the sensations of heat or cold, or even the " sleep effect “.

 It is not necessary to feel such effects in order to receive the benefit of spiritual healing, as many healings take place without any feeling or sensation being experienced whatsoever by the person concerned.

Q: I don’t believe in God so will I still be healed?

Spiritual healing is not discriminate and is not a gift from God for only a chosen few, but is for the benefit of all of God's creation.

A belief in God is not a requirement for spiritual healing to be performed for you, or for a healing to take place.

God has compassion for all and spiritual healing is therefore for all people and without exception.


If you have any questions concerning spiritual healing that have not been answered for you in this section, then please e-mail The Church of Light at the following here Your questions will be promptly answered.

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