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Can We Speak With The Spirit World?

Some people state that they have no desire to speak with Spirits and further question why a person would want to engage in such an activity anyway. Many people consider it to be abnormal or strange and fail to see what purpose it serves, or what good comes from it.

There are some religions that teach their followers to believe that you do eventually exist in a Spirit form in the heavens, but as a Spirit you cannot communicate with people on the earth. Other churchgoers are indoctrinated to believe that it is wrong to engage in any form of Spirit communication at all, as it is no more than communication with the Devil and his Demons. Many churches sadly fail to appreciate the truths concerning life on earth and in the Spirit World, as they refuse to even consider any insight into what actually happens.

Their belief which is built on a foundation of ignorance through a lack of knowledge and understanding, results in their total dismissal of the subject of Spirit communication and an inevitable fear of it. Although Communication with the Spirit World does take place, it is not a new phenomena, as Adam the first physical man to be created often spoke with God, it being a very natural communication and one that was not feared by him. (Genesis 3 v 8 - 9) Since Adam's creation Spirit communication has continued to take place throughout the centuries.

Spirit communication is a reality, of great benefit to us and takes place in various ways, although there are certain specific guidelines that must be adhered to. Wisdom, insight and guidance is offered by God's Spirits, but only regarding spiritual matters or concerning spiritual progress. When we embark upon the act of communicating with God's Spirits, we must be clear as to our motive and intention for doing so, otherwise we will attract those lower Spirits whose communication will not be uplifting or beneficial.

To communicate with Spirits for entertainment or out of curiosity is to be avoided, as the Spirits operating on the lower levels of the Spirit World will be instantly attracted by that intention and which could prove to be a regrettable experience. Seeking Spirit communication to know about your future or another person's future, or to have knowledge of any future events must also be avoided.

Good Spirits of God will never communicate if the motive of the person(s) concerned is purely for the above reasons. The Spirits you will contact will be those that are operating on a lower level in the Spirit World or who are in opposition to God.

During communication you must only seek personal help and guidance in the service of others, or for help with your own personal spiritual progress or the spiritual progress of another person. If you do intend to request enlightenment and direction in your own life, it must only be a request concerning spiritual matters and one that will ultimately help you to serve God or your fellow man in a better way and never be a request purely concerning your own personal material matters.

It is acceptable to seek the solution to a problem for another person, as long as the problem is concerned with a spiritual matter and not a material one. In selflessly asking for spiritual guidance for that person, the good Spirits of God will respond.


How God's Spirits speak to us


There are a number of ways that a Spirit can communicate and is generally through one of the following methods: -

1. Clairvoyance

2. Clairaudience

3. Clairsentience

4. Dreams

All of the above methods of communication are an ability, which needs to be developed by a person through Spiritual training before they can enter into Spirit communication. This is achieved by meetings being held as described in the following section, "The Procedure For Spirit Communication"

The communicative Gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience will be developed at such meetings and Spirit communication can then be entered into at any time in the future.

Any of the above listed methods can be used by God's Spirits to communicate, with each Spirit using whichever method is best for them or for the one seeking communication.

The Church of Light and Truth assists people to develop the ability to communicate with God's Spirits through the conducting of "Meetings for Spiritual Advancement".

Clairvoyance Explained

Some Clairvoyants have always been in a position to communicate with the Spirit World and have often naturally communicated with it since they were children, while others have developed the Gift of Clairvoyance through regular meetings as described in the previous section.

These people whether natural or developed Clairvoyants all have the God given ability to receive information from Spirits through the avenue of the mind and is received by them as a still picture or a set of pictures.

These pictures are seen in what is commonly known as the "minds eye" of a person, with each picture or series of pictures conveying the information required. Some Clairvoyants see what can only be described as a short video clip, which serves the same purpose as the pictures do. The pictures etc. are sometimes seen over or to the side of the person the Clairvoyant is speaking to and is similar to the image on a computer screen when one screen is displayed over another.

The use of Clairvoyance is recorded in the Bible, for the Prophet Elisha saw through Clairvoyance the destiny of Hazael who had approached him for an answer to a question set by the King. What Elisha saw through Clairvoyant means was in great detail and informed him what was about to happen. (2 Kings 8 v 7 -15)

The Gift of Clairvoyance can become so highly developed in certain people that it allows them to see Spirits standing in front of them. Although other people in the vicinity cannot see them due to them not having the Gift of Clairvoyance, the Clairvoyant is able to acknowledge them and even hold intelligent conversations with them, which is known as Clairaudience.

The Prophet Daniel is recorded in the Bible as being Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. Daniel saw a Spirit standing before him, although his companions who did not see it, sensed the proximity of the Spirit and became frightened and fled. The Spirit then proceeded to talk with Daniel and give him valuable information. (Daniel 10 v 4 - 10) Jacob too is recorded in the Bible as being Clairvoyant as he also saw the Spirits of God and acknowledged them as being sent by him. (Genesis 32 v 1 - 2)

Clairaudience Explained

Clairaudience is the ability to hear the Spirits of God speaking directly to you. The voice that is heard is not a voice emanating from somewhere outside of your body and is not a voice that is heard in the vicinity above your head or to the side of your head, but is a voice within you. The Voice that is heard is a voice that is not normally booming in volume, but rather is a quiet voice speaking from within, requiring that you just listen.

This voice which is the voice of the Spirits is totally controllable and you will hear the Spirits voice only when you decide to enter into formal communication with them, for all people have free will to decide what takes place. A Spirit voice will also not speak excessively to you thereby for example keeping you awake all night, for God's Spirits in knowing our limitations and boundaries respect us.

In all Clairaudient communications the Spirit voice you hear sounds identical to that of your own voice.

Although at first you may think it is your own thoughts running through your head, it is not, with the measure of this statement being judged by the accuracy of the information that the Spirit voice within has given you. The information that will be heard may consist of details that you have had no previous knowledge of and which therefore confirms it is not a product of your own mind's activity.

All Clairaudience is obtained therefore through the Spirits of God using the sound of your own voice for their direct communications.

This means of communication therefore takes time to develop as initially the person developing Clairaudience is unsure as to whether it is their own thoughts they are hearing or that of God's Spirits. In time all Clairaudients are able to put their own thoughts to one side and allow the Spirits words to enter their minds without interruption.

When the Spirits speak to you through the voice within, it is more conducive to accurate communication if the words are just allowed to flow and not to let your mind rationalise what is happening, or stopping to consider what has been spoken so far. Remaining calm and relaxed will make conditions more favourable for the communication to be received. Immediately after receiving Clairaudience it is always advisable to write down what you have heard, for with certainty you will forget what you have been told shortly afterwards. The words you have heard do not originate with you but are from God's Spirits and because of this fact they will fade from your mind very quickly.

Clairsentience Explained

Clairsentience is the ability to receive communication from God's Spirits through a highly developed sense of "feeling ". Clairsentience for most people can be the first means of communication to be developed once they have decided to enter into Spiritual training to receive communicative Gifts.

Clairsentience enables you to "know" for example when all is not well with a person, or if they have a problem, or require help in some way. A Clairsentient person will be able to sense when danger is around, or if a person is particularly negative, for as in this latter case your Clairsentience will pick up the vibrations emanating from them and you will " feel " their problems.

If a Clairsentient person enters into a room they can sense the disposition or the individual moods of the people present, knowing who is of a negative disposition or who may be needing help with a problem.

The Gift of Clairsentience is also a protective gift, for in giving you insight into the immediate disposition or state of mind of people close by, it allows you to avoid contact with any person who may ultimately have a detrimental or negative affect upon you.

During communications with the Spirits of God, they can convey information to you through Clairsentience so you will in effect just "know" what they want you to be aware of or understand. Clairsentient communication therefore allows you to suddenly "know" or be aware of certain details that you didn't know before and is expressed within you as a definite and unmistakable feeling.

This is Clairsentient communication with God's Spirit World, it being your own Spirit that is communicating and receiving the information they impart.


Preparations necessary for Spirit Communication


There is a need to prepare well beforehand, with attention being paid to various details in order for conditions to be made favourable for the Spirits to communicate. If you were planning a night in with friends for example, you would make sure that your physical appearance in every detail was attended to and your room was clean and presentable, so that your friends ultimately enjoyed their visit.

So too when preparing to accept a visit from the good Spirits of God, all conditions must be made favourable and acceptable. For formal communication to take place with the Spirit World whether in a group or by oneself, it is necessary for a room to be made available for this purpose. This room should preferably be free from noise or disturbance, as silence is required for any communication to be successful and of real quality and therefore televisions, radios and any other appliances should be switched off.

The lighting in the room should be lowered so as to allow for a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Any form of distraction should be removed to allow concentration of all in attendance to be uninhibited, with the unplugging of telephones, the closing of curtains and the removal of pets always being necessary.

The use of any heating appliance should be regulated from the onset to allow for the temperature of the room to not become too hot or too cold, as extremes of temperature can disrupt the concentration of all concerned. It is advisable that no alcohol is drunk before or during the meeting in order to keeps the senses and the mind alert. It is also advisable that a light meal is taken beforehand and preferably not a meal that contains meat.

In previous Spirit communications The Church of Light has always been advised by the Spirits of God to avoid eating meat before holding a meeting for Spirit communication.

A glass of water should be placed in front of each person in case any dryness of the throat is experienced, or to suppress any possible coughing which could prove disruptive to the proceedings.

The procedure For Spirit Communication: - The preceding pages have outlined how God's Spirits can speak to us and the preparations necessary for Spirit communication to take place. Here now is outlined the procedure to be adopted when holding a meeting for Spirit communication.

It is highly advisable that a person who is Clairvoyant and experienced in Spirit communication is in attendance at all meetings for Spirit communication.

Any person who is not Clairvoyant or experienced in Spirit communication should never attempt to enter into Spirit communication by himself or herself, or hold a meeting with other untrained people for this purpose.

The first stage in Spirit communication is to ask God in prayer for what you require. It is necessary to ask for permission to seek communication with his Spirits and to state your reasons for wanting communication with them. Your Prayer must include a request for "Protection", for without God given Protection you and your group will be wide open to the activities of lower Spirits who may enter and disrupt your meeting and all in attendance. Following the prayer to God music should then be played, which may be any suitable piece of music providing it helps to raise the energy of the people present. A passage from The Bible may then be read out aloud, which raises the thoughts of those in attendance to Spiritual matters.

Any appropriate piece of literature may however be read aloud, with a suitable poem also being acceptable. All these factors provide the correct and favourable conditions for Spirits to communicate and the nature and quality of your physical and spiritual preparations, serves to attract those Spirits of like mind and of a Godlike intention.

Spirit communication can then begin…

All in attendance will then with their eyes open or closed begin to sit quietly for approximately 30-45 minutes, with the person who has the Gift of Clairvoyance openly stating when this time period begins and when it has elapsed.

Those in attendance are required to merely sit quietly and await a response from God's Spirits.

During the meeting it is advisable to remain silent so that the people present can concentrate on any Information being imparted to them by God's Spirits and which is usually received through the mind.

Those in attendance do not need to take any other action apart from sitting in the stillness of their own mind and then the results will be forthcoming.

It is not necessary to try to empty your mind as is commonly believed, as this is practically an impossibility, but rather aim to still the mind through the silence of the meeting and in the calmness and serenity being generated. At the end of the communications everyone present will then be in a position to state what they were told, with the information received usually being for the benefit of other people present and not usually for oneself.

Every person in attendance will normally however receive some spiritual advice or admonition that directly concerns him or her from a member of the group.

The meeting is then concluded with a prayer of thanks to God for the opportunity given by him for Spirit communication to take place.


Important Guidelines


The above procedure is to be used by all those wishing to develop communicative Gifts, with a meeting held once a week being sufficient to eventually develop such Gifts.

Once a person develops communicative Gifts they should discontinue attending such meetings, as if they do not they will be classed by God's Spirits as attending out of curiosity, as their Gifts are now developed.

Meetings held purely to talk with the Spirit World is not to be engaged in, as in seeking this you will be contacted by the lower Spirit elements.

Communicative Gifts are only to be used for spiritual guidance and never for material insight or gain.

During meetings for development of Spiritual communicative gifts, no communication should be attempted in order to know details of one's future or another person's future, or of any future events.


Spirit Communication through Dreams


When we sleep at night we all dream to some extent, with some people remembering their dreams more so than others do. The dreams that you experience through the Spirits direct impression are vastly different than the ordinary dreams we all have. Most of our ordinary dreams usually consist of a mixture of our thoughts and maybe our experiences during the day, which can at times become jumbled and mixed together resulting in a dream which is wild, bizarre and without meaning or understanding.

The dreams given to us from the Spirits however are more real, clearer and vivid than any other type of dream you may experience, as a definite message is being given to you and is the purpose of such dreams. When a message or certain information is given to you in this way there is usually no doubt as to what the dream is telling you. The information is being relayed directly to you for your benefit, with no misinterpretation being possible, as that would defeat the object of the communicative dream.

These dreams should not be ignored or classed as merely part of an over imagination, for dreams are given by God's Spirits for a specific reason and will be of importance, as they do not use their valuable time and energy in worthless activity.

The Bible has many accounts of information or messages being given by God's Spirits to people on earth through dreams and is one of their most favoured ways of communicating.

Jacob was visited by an Angel in a Dream who gave him good advice, with this method being preferred rather than actually appearing to Jacob. (Genesis 31 v 10 - 11)

King Solomon a King well documented in history was also the recipient of a dream from God that resulted in him being given the Gift of Wisdom, for which he became famous. (1 Kings 3 v 5 - 15)

Notice verse 15 implies that Solomon thought that what he was seeing and hearing in his dream was in fact actually happening to him, for the verse states "and he realised it had been a dream after he awoke".

This is the difference between ordinary dreams and the communicative dreams given by God through his Spirits, for they are so very much more distinct and clear, with what you are experiencing appearing to be an actual event taking place and which you are a part of. During such dreams you may meet up with a parent, relative or friend who died some time ago, who then proceed to converse with you and offer you good advice, admonition or help in some problematic area of your life.

Remember that not all Spirits that visit you through the avenue of dreams are strangers to you, for many visits are from people who you once knew. The Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts informs us that God would use dreams together with other forms of communication to impart information to us. (Acts 2 v 17 - 21) Just as Dreams were used for Spirit communication in the days of the Apostle Paul, so too today they are used as a reliable source of contact.


Spirit Communication in the Future


Communication continues on and by various means as much today as it did in times gone by. This is because it is a part of God's Plan of Salvation that we communicate with his good Spirit World, who are always ready to assist us in our ascent back to God Kingdom.

As all communication is a gift from God and granted to us by him, it is God himself who therefore determines the means used for communication at any given time. God will therefore either withdraw or re-introduce certain methods for Spirit communication in his own time and when he sees fit to do so.



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