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Develop Your Natural Psychic Abilities

Psychic and spiritual development groups are held twice weekly on a Monday and Wednesday evening in Maghull Liverpool at The Church of Light. Tuesday evenings are devoted entirely to Seraphic Meditation which involves developing the Divine communication of The Independent Direct Voice.

Psychic development classes with The Church of Light have proven to be very successful in bringing forth those spiritual communicative abilities that are inherent in every person, with many people to date finding they have benefited greatly from the classes.

For those who are already involved in a spiritual work, eg: healing, they have found that, they now possess a greater understanding of the person sitting in front of them than they did before and are more in a position to help them through the utilisation of their psychic and spiritual ability.

Clairvoyance clairaudience and clairsentience are developed at our psychic development circles along with clairgustance and clairalience. These are the five spiritual senses which mirror our five physical senses.

Colin can help you to develop other forms of spirit communication such as "Sleeping Communication" (formerly known as Deep Trance) and Inspired Communication (formerly known as Part Trance). A private session will need to be arranged with Colin for such development.

There have been many people who have had  no knowledge of their natural spiritual ability before attending the development class, but have since been informed through spirit communication at the groups that they have the ability to heal people, or have the ability to directly speak with those now departed into God's Spirit World.

The psychic development groups have certainly helped and assisted people onto their spiritual pathway and all who attend find they are greatly uplifted by the end of the proceedings.

Meditation Incorporating the Development of

The Independent Direct Voice   

Meditation to develop the Divine communication of The Independent Direct Voice takes place every Tuesday night at The Church of Light.

This form of communication is rare these days, but at The Church of Light there has been substantial progress made in the development of this type of spirit communication.

The Independent Direct Voice is a communication whereby a spirit or many spirits speak to you from the atmosphere, in front of you, to the side of you, from up in the roof space or from the corner of the room.

When communications are received in this manner there is no greater confirmation of the continuation of our spirit, for all in the room will hear the voice(s) speaking to them from spirits of people who have lived on earth before.

Spirit Trumpet

Spirit voices become amplified via The Trumpet

To aid this Divine communication, a conical shaped Trumpet is positioned on a small table in the middle of the room, an example of which can be seen above left. 

This Trumpet can be used by some spirits to amplify their voice as some spirits' voices are quiet low in volume. The Trumpet if used for this purpose will lift off the table and float around the room towards the people that communication is to be directed at. Once again, there is no greater confirmation of the continuance of the sprit.

The Trumpet is made of aluminium and is illuminated at the top and bottom with illluminous paint, fabric or tape. The reason for this is because the room has to be in absolute pitch darkness for this communication to take place.

The illluminous paint therefore serves to identify where and what is happening with the Trumpet throughout the meditation.

In July 2008 the Trumpet has been to seen to move 3 times. Twice it has rocked from side to side and on the third occasion it turned a quarter of a turn.

This is a great encouragement for the group to continue with this extremely rare method of spirit communication.

Underlying every meditation and psychic development group, with Colin’s wealth of spiritual knowledge, The Church Of Light aims to raise awareness to the fact that God exists, is the Creator of all life and that He has a definite purpose for all of mankind.

Throughout the course of our meditations for psychic development and spiritual evolvement, The Church of Light also has the answers to the following questions:


Q: What is the true origin and future destiny of man?

Q: Did we exist before we were born?

Q: Why does God want us to live a life on the earth?

Q: Why do we have to die?

Q: Where do we go when we die?

Q: Will we live again on the earth in the future?

Q: What is the real reason why we marry and have children?

Q: Why will there never be true peace on the earth?

Q: What was the real reason for Jesus’ death?


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