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How Can I Protect Myself Against Evil Spirits?

Just as there are many good people who live on the earth, there is also an element of people who are bad, behaving in a way that shows that they have no respect for people or property and have no wish to conform to any laws or rules.

Similarly in the Spirit Worlds, just as there are many good Spirits who are loyal to God and do all that he asks, there is also an element that is in opposition to God. These Spirits have no respect for him and refuse to abide by any laws that he has set.

This bad element also extends its rebellious activities to the earth, as they wish to influence all people into doing what is wrong and unacceptable in God's eyes, just as they do. These Spirits are determined to influence people to live a life that is unrighteous, immoral, dishonest, selfish and worldly, wishing everyone to be inadequate by God's standards.

As these Spirits are always active in this pursuit, it is therefore necessary to seek "Protection" from them. Protection from harmful or bad Spirits is requested through prayer and is received from good Spirits of God who are given this specific task. Jesus himself in teaching us how to structure our prayers tells us to ask God that he "Deliver us from evil", or in other words, save us/protect us, in what is known as The Lords Prayer. (Matthew 6 v 9 - 13)

Jesus instructs us to ask for this as he was very aware of negative Spirit influence and of the many temptations that can be brought upon or presented to us by them, for he too suffered the direct influence and temptation of the Devil. (Matthew 4 v 1 - 11)


Jesus prayed for Protection from Evil

Protection can be likened to a door, for example the front door to your house. If you go to bed at night and leave your front door open or even ajar, you will find undesirable people entering your house and causing you great upset through their actions once inside. Your front door is never left open, it being foolish to do so, as you know that you would not be protected from this bad element of people that exist everywhere. So too with the Spirits who wish to do you harm, they must never be allowed to enter your life and therefore your protective Spiritual Door must always be kept shut and locked, with specific prayer being the means to do this.



Through Prayer Your Spiritual Door is Kept Shut


We therefore require Divine Protection in repelling the following: -

1. Spirit influence and temptation.

2. Direct Spirit attacks or Psychic attacks.

3. Spirit Influence & Temptation: -

Countless times during the week you may experience varying degrees of negative Spirit influence as they can place wrongful thoughts, temptations or desires into your mind. These Spirits work very subtly to impress upon you what they wish you to do and unless you are able to recognise these subtle impressions you will succumb, thereby doing what is displeasing to God. These Spirits are able through their powerful influence to put into your mind a whole range of indecent thoughts, desires, ideas, or temptations and make them seem very appealing and acceptable. (John13 v 2) They also have the ability to steer you towards the various means available that will eventually instil into your mind such negative thought patterns and then influence and impress you to act upon them.

How do such Spirits influence our minds?

Close attention needs to be paid to your reading material, for what you read has an affect upon you. Through books and magazines etc. these spirits know this is an ideal and subtle way to change your way of thinking and the way that you behave. If you constantly read stories or material relating to violence, murder, rape or other gross violent acts, then you may be under the influence of these Spirits, for a truly caring and compassionate person would not find such material entertaining or enjoyable.

As your mind is like a computer, it follows that what you put into it may eventually be utilised. People will be influenced by what they read and may eventually wish to copy or emulate the people or actions they have read about, for many violent people have admitted and attached blame for their actions upon what they have read.

It may not necessarily transpire that because you regularly read murder stories that you will end up a murderer, but the content of the murder stories etc. may have a bearing upon how you eventually treat people, or your attitude toward them. It is easy to dismiss this philosophy as unfounded but this is the very view that these bad Spirits wish to convey to you and will always impress you to believe that reading such material is acceptable. It is also not uncommon to switch on the television to see a person being shot and their blood being spilled over the sidewalk, or a rape scene or some other atrocity being committed to a defenceless person or animal.

Consider also the vast amount of other material, including DVD's, videos and films that are inspired by all manner of negative behaviour. Consider too the Internet and the vast array of unwholesome negative material that can be viewed within the privacy of your own home. This sort of material can eventually influence us and begin to slowly change our outlook and beliefs on certain subjects, our treatment and respect of others and our behaviour. Although we may not for example commit a serious crime following what we have read or watched on a screen, we can be affected by what we see and may by our actions, opinions and behaviour affect or influence another person's outlook, who may then be the very one to commit such a crime.



The Internet contains negative material


We need to be vigilant all of the time therefore in identifying what is suitable material to read or watch from whatever media, for bad Spirits in opposition to God will always implant thoughts in your mind to encourage you to read, view and enjoy such material. Once you begin to embrace such material as acceptable, you are then within the grasp of these Spirits and they then have power and influence over you.

We must also be aware of our acquaintances, colleagues and friends, for it is a fact that to some degree you become like the people you associate with. Therefore when a person's behaviour is not wholesome or decent, then your inner Spiritual alarm bell must ring to alert you to a possible danger, as people like this will not aid your Spiritual progress. It is not that developing this awareness is setting you on the pathway to being paranoid, or unnaturally suspicious of every person you meet, but rather that you are exerting a degree of caution in assessing whether certain people you are in contact with are a good influence for you or not.

In identifying those people in your life that are not behaving in a way that reflects God's qualities, will enable you to distance yourself from them so that you too do not become like them, or prey to the Spirits that may be influencing them. Remember this:- People who do not live a life that is reflective of God's qualities, who are not striving to always do what is right, are not respectful, considerate or show concern for others, are likely to be under the influence of Spirits in opposition to God..

Asking God for "Protection" from these Spirit influences and temptations is in effect asking God to shield us and which he will do. Once you begin to acknowledge the need for "Protection" and to ask for it regularly, it will once received enable you to recognise more readily Spirit temptations and desires being offered to you and help you to be more able to repel them the instant they are received.

Direct Attacks or Psychic Attacks

When a person is engaged in a specific Spiritual work, or is actively seeking to understand Spiritual matters and is structuring their life to become a better person in God's eyes, then they will as a matter of course come under direct attack or Psychic Attack from bad Spirits ie. Spirits in opposition to God. When a person starts to become more Spiritually aware and begins to accept the reality of God and his purposes and has a realisation and understanding of the Spirit World and of what it comprises, they will find that Protection will be needed more so.

Those people who strive to live a life that is in accordance with God's requirements, will come under immediate attack as a matter of course and must be aware that Divine Protection is needed and always available to them. Due to this spiritual awareness raising within, bad Spirits will concentrate their efforts on you to stop this progress. Theses Spirits are in opposition to God and will continually try to deter anyone from serving God or living a life that is acceptable to him. Any person who is engaged in a specific Spiritual work such as "Healing" will undoubtedly be attacked by them and need to be aware of how to request Protection.

How do such Spirits Attack You?

Such attacks are also known as Psychic Attacks and can take the form of a dream that is so real that the person will at times have difficulty in deciding whether it is really a dream or actual reality. These dreams are usually structured to be of a very disturbing and upsetting nature, being engineered for you personally, so as to have the optimum negative affect upon you and in the hope that you will desist and cease your Spiritual work.



Psychic Attacks can come in the form of a Dream


They may attack you audibly so that you may hear what sounds like a voice whispering to you when you are at the point of sleep, effectively waking you up and unnerving you.

These Spirits may speak to you directly through your mind and at any time of the day or night, putting ideas and suggestions to you that you will find again unnerving, or through what they say to you, begin to destroy your self-confidence. You may hear noises close by to were you are located, or maybe from outside of the room you are in, such as bangs, cracks, or whining noises. You may hear the sound of the telephone ringing, which transpires on investigation that nobody has in fact tried to contact you. The television or radio may switch itself on or off, as too may the electric kettle or toaster, or the burglar alarm may begin to sound for no reason.

They may attack you audibly so that you may hear what sounds like a voice whispering to you when you are at the point of sleep, effectively waking you up and unnerving you.

These Spirits may speak to you directly through your mind and at any time of the day or night, putting ideas and suggestions to you that you will find again unnerving, or through what they say to you, begin to destroy your self-confidence. You may hear noises close by to were you are located, or maybe from outside of the room you are in, such as bangs, cracks, or whining noises. You may hear the sound of the telephone ringing, but which transpires on investigation that nobody has in fact tried to contact you. The television or radio may switch itself on or off, as too may the electric kettle or toaster, or the Burglar Alarm may begin to sound for no reason.

These Spirits sometimes opt without your knowledge to move small articles you possess from room to room, or you may find objects unexplainably disappearing, only to re-appear at some point in the future, which all serves to disrupt and frighten the person to ultimately decide to give up their interest in spiritual matters. If a person is engaged in a specific spiritual work, these Spirits usually try to implant or instil into their mind the thought that they are not good enough to do this work, or that they are not worthy enough to conduct such a Divine service, or that they are not successful in the actual work they do. Such thoughts are destructive and if allowed to lodge within the mind, will begin to erode spiritual confidence and eventually bring about closure of the work concerned.

Protection once asked for will assist in dispelling such thoughts and allow the mind to be only open to positive thoughts. In all cases the nature of the experience/attack will be structured to you and in the most efficient way to unnerve, disrupt, frighten and ultimately have a negative and damaging affect on you and your Spiritual work.

These forms of attack can have the desired disruptive affect on certain people, as through the use of fear these Spirits can succeed in their mission, which is to get you to give up your spiritual work and spiritual outlook. "Protection" from God will therefore stop these Spirits from being able to disrupt or interfere with you in any way and only through its use will a person gain confidence in its effectiveness. We also need to be aware of the need to ask for Protection regularly and not to assume we are given it automatically. If a person is involved in a spiritual service, then they must never presume that Protection is afforded them as a matter of course, for all people of every spiritual standing need Protection and must request it.

How to Protect yourself

Protection or as Jesus called it "Deliverance from Evil " is the means God has given us to stave off the many forms of Spirit influence and negative attacks and if requested it will serve to successfully shield us. When Protection from God is asked for in the proper manner i.e. not in a casual way but in full conviction of this Divine assistance, then you will receive his protective shielding from the Spirits who would try to cross your Spiritual threshold.

Once we have accepted that Protection is necessary and must be requested, we need to give consideration then to the actual Prayer for Protection. Prayer is a Spiritual exercise which when performed with the right intention makes conditions right for the Prayer to be heard and answered.

All Prayer must be spoken to God with sincerity, for only then will your requests be heard and acted upon. Prayer must always be serious with the correct reverence being given to it and must never be entered into lightly or casually.


Protection is a Means of Talking to God

If you have already structured your life so that you enter into Prayer each day, then you may wish to incorporate a Prayer for Protection within that daily prayer, as opposed to asking for Protection in a separate prayer. The following prayer is intended only as a guide to the words that can be used to form such a request.

The following prayer can, however, be used without alteration.

Here then is the suggested Prayer: -


Heavenly father I thank you for all the things that you have given me this day and ask for your forgiveness if I have displeased you.

I ask for your Divine Protection for myself, my family and my house. Protect us please from all Spirits who are in opposition to you and whose intention it is this day or night to hurt or harm us in any way.

Protect us also from any negativity from any source and keep us all safe this day and night.

I acknowledge you as the Almighty God Y.H.W.H (SAY THE LETTERS)

Jesus as the Christ our Redeemer and the power of your Holy Spirit.

Accept my thanks for this Divine Protection and may all I do and think and say be to your glory…" AMEN


This Prayer when recited in the knowledge and confidence that God will afford you his needed Protection is all that is necessary and no other form of request need be entered into. Jesus himself admonishes us to ask for what we need and reassures us that it will be given to us. (Luke 11 v 9) The above Prayer once recited to God will be acted upon by the Spirits given charge over you and the Protection that you have sought will be given.

The Prayer for Protection must be said regularly and not just when you remember, ideally forming part of your daily routine. Just as there is a time to wash and a time to eat and drink and sleep, so there must be time put aside to speak with God to give thanks and ask him for what we require. (Ecclesiastes 3 v 1 - 8) If you ask specifically for Protection then it will be given, for God knows that we have to battle all the time with these bad Spirits and will always help us in this Spiritual war. (Ephesians 6 v 11 - 12)

These Spirits in opposition to God will at times subtlety impress you to feel that Protection is no longer needed, thereby causing you to fall into a false sense of security. They will impress you to believe that you are Protected at all times and even if you have forgotten to ask God for it, that he will still continue to Protect you. This is dangerous, as the Spirits are influencing and impressing this thought upon you, as once you stop requesting Protection you are in effect leaving your Spiritual door wide open, thereby allowing them to enter your life and adversely affect you.

When Protection is not given

There are some naive people in certain religious orders that believe that by merely saying the name of God out loud is all that is necessary to receive Protection. It is true that there are people who have a Gift from God to remove or Exorcise such Spirits and who rely upon the name of God to do this, with the saying of God's name being an important part of that process, but for a person who requires Protection, the mere saying of God's name alone by them will not totally Protect them.

In reality if a person who does not have the Gift of Exorcism were to say the name of God out loud to a bad Spirit, it would not leave them alone, nor will the mere utterance of the name alone give them total Protection from its activities. More often it is seen to have the opposite effect, as the Spirit will react very badly on hearing God's name and is likely to cause even more damage and harm than before, as it is being taunted through the use of the name.

Protection from such Spirits is not attained either by the uttering of other revered names such as that of Jesus, or of the Saints, for a name in itself cannot dispel a Spirit, unless used by a person with Divine Authority to remove or Exorcise them. The use of religious artefacts will also be of no lasting benefit in order to receive Protection, for such articles although revered and cherished do not in themselves offer Divine Shielding or Protection. Holy water, crucifixes or religious pictures are also unable on their own to offer total Protection from negative Spirit influence.

Remember: The act of seeking Protection through a "Prayer for Protection" is the only way that total Protection is received from God.

If a bad Spirit is tangibly active in a person's house, the asking of Protection in itself will not remove it, for Protection alone is ineffective in removing such Spirits once they have crossed your spiritual threshold and have entered your life. If a Spirit has actually gained access into your home and is active, it will need to be removed through the process of Exorcism and by a person with the Divine Authority to do so. The Church of Light and Truth performs this Spiritual work and has produced a Booklet "What is Exorcism and Liberation?" that explains the subject and is available on request.

Pay careful attention therefore to what you read, watch and find entertaining and to your choice of friends and associates, for in identifying those pursuits, activities and people that are not wholesome, will keep you on the road that leads you into God's favour. It is always easy to do that which is wrong and all Spirits in opposition to God in knowing this, are forever active in trying to stop you doing that which is right.

Be vigilant therefore and ask for God's Protection, for in so doing immeasurable help will be given you as you aspire to be morally and spiritually excellent (Holy).



We all need God’s “Protection” through prayer



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