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Think of Other Religions?

Any group of like minded people irrespective of their beliefs, who come together to honour and thank God as the one who gave us life and all that we have, can only be good. Any religion or religious group meeting to this end can only be commended for this, as in their oneness of sincere intention, they are achieving Spiritual awareness and God will be pleased.

God is unconcerned as to the title or name adopted by any religion or religious order, but rather is more concerned with each member's overall conduct in seeking to serve him and their behaviour and treatment of other people.

The majority of Churches therefore offer people an opportunity to formerly praise God, with all religious orders that operate within this pure and sincere intention being acceptable to him. Many religions do however have varying beliefs about God and his purposes for mankind, with the beliefs of many religions being similar to that of others, while some have radically different concepts.

Everyone therefore who wishes to know and understand what the truth really is concerning God and his purposes will need to spend time evaluating the many sincere explanations that are available.

It is up to each individual to make their own decision as to what is truth and what is not, for no one should be forced to believe any religious philosophy, or even be expected to believe it, as we all have God given freedom of choice in all things. The use of reason, logic and sensibility when reviewing religious beliefs is what is required for a sound judgement to be made regarding the validity and acceptance of any belief structure.

The Church Of Light has received its understanding of Spiritual matters through direct communication with God's Spirit Worlds and offers the details of that insight freely to all people. This insight was received through inspiration and is believed to be the truth. The mission of The Church of Light therefore is to present this knowledge to everyone.

The Church of Light offers this knowledge and understanding to all people with the intention that once these have been gained, a belief in that knowledge and understanding will then be formed and to such belief, faith can then be added.

The Church of Light therefore sincerely acknowledges the good works of other Churches and religious groups.



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