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The Church of Light
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Meetings held by The Church of Light

The Church Of Light aims to raise awareness to the fact that God exists, is the Creator of all life and has a definite purpose for all of mankind.

Through the use of Spiritual Gifts and in particular Spiritual Healing, the Church of Light aims to succeed in this mission.

The Church Of Light acknowledges the sacrifice that Jesus made in the giving of himself as the Redeemer of all and intends to raise awareness of this selfless act and to the true meaning of it.

The Church Of Light endeavours to raise awareness to the existence of God's infinite Worlds of Spirit and to the realisation of their help and assistance in the Spiritual progression of mankind.

The Church Of Light provides the opportunity for all to thank God for giving us life and the chance to redeem ourselves following our part in the heavenly rebellion.

The Church Of Light has established the following meetings to this end:


Meeting for Spiritual Teaching

Meeting for Spiritual Advancement

Meeting for Disclosure and Counsel

Meeting for The Practice of Spiritual Healing

Meeting for The Remembrance of The Redeemer


Meeting for Spiritual Teaching

Through Spiritual Teaching it is the aim of The Church Of Light to raise awareness to the existence of God, of the Spirit Worlds both good and bad and to the influence they have on mankind. Spiritual Teaching will raise awareness to our past history, the reasons for our physical creation and to God's plan for the Redemption of all mankind.

All who attend the meetings of The Church Of Light will receive instruction as to how they can live their lives in a more agreeable and spiritual way, thereby becoming more acceptable to God.

Spiritual Teaching will instruct people how to live a life that is respectful of all living things regardless of their status and how to truly respect and love God, oneself and one's neighbour's. Spiritual Teaching will endeavour to instil into people the need to understand the true meaning of love and how to demonstrate it in our lives.

Meeting for Spiritual Advancement

The Church Of Light will endeavour through instruction and education at a Meeting for Spiritual Advancement to develop latent Spiritual Gifts.

Through such meetings an understanding of God given Spiritual ability's such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Spiritual Healing will be offered, together with practical guidance as to the understanding, development, correct implementation and use of them.

Through such Meetings for Spiritual Attainment it is envisaged that many people will be able to realise their own spiritual potential and in consciousness of this awareness learn how to effectively and selflessly use their Spiritual talents for the good of all.

At these meetings direct communication will be sought with the Spirit Worlds of God to seek instruction and guidance as to how each person present can spiritually develop themselves further so they may serve God and his fellow man better.

Meeting for Disclosure and Counsel

For all those who are troubled or concerned by an action they have taken or a wrong deed they have committed, the Church Of Light offers the opportunity to discuss such matters in complete confidence. Through divine guidance and divine insight, counsel and admonition will be offered, with practical and spiritual direction being sought for them.

The initial steps to receiving God's forgiveness by firstly showing recognition of the wrongdoing and then displaying true repentance for the deed, can be taken through availing oneself of Disclosure and Counsel. The Church Of Light anticipates that through Disclosure and Counsel all members of the Church will be helped to stand before God with purity of heart, mind and conscience.

No wrongdoing can be forgiven directly by The Church Of Light, for this is given directly by God himself, but such meetings will help people to understand how to receive forgiveness from God whilst also receiving practical advice and assistance.

Meeting for The Practice of Spiritual Healing

Through Spiritual Healing The Church Of Light will through the divine healing power of God publicly heal the physically sick and infirm and the mentally distressed.

Through Spiritual Healing The Church Of Light will endeavour to raise awareness to the existence of God and his Spirit subjects, for by such powerful divine demonstrations of God's power, people will be brought to this realisation.

Through such tangible actions as the healing of the sick, it is envisaged that many people will be prompted to learn more concerning this divine practice and how they too may heal.

Meeting for The Remembrance of The Redeemer

In recognition of the ultimate sacrifice given by Jesus Christ in his incarnation on earth as The Redeemer of all the Fallen Spirits, The Church Of Light commemorates annually this selfless act.

Through Remembrance of The Redeemer the opportunity to take advantage of God's Plan of Salvation through The Redeemer's life and death on earth, is acknowledged and commemorated.



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