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King Rollo

King Rollo

as he was when he lived on earth

Spirit guide to Colin, Rollo was born in 846 AD and died in 932 AD aged 86 years. Rollo or Rollon (French) was the King of the Vikings, being the son of Rognvald the Mighty and Hilda Hrolfsdatter of Norway. While most of his men were Danes, it is uncertain whether Rollo himself was Norwegian or Danish.

In year 911 AD. Rollo concluded and signed a treaty at St-Clare-sur-Ept in France which effectively helped to end nearly 50 years of violent Viking attacks upon the French. Charles the Simple the new Frankish King agreed to give some western territory to Rollo, who in return swore homage to Charles, accepted baptism and Christianity and agreed to defend Charles' kingdom against future Viking assaults 

Normandy, The Duchy of Northmen, or Normans was thus created. King Rollo thereby became a landowner and his Viking Warriors became Farmers, with each one receiving the tenure of a Mannshlutr or his "man's share".

The Duchy was organised around the principal towns of Rouen and Bayeux. King Rollo married Popa the daughter of Count Beranger in 891 AD. and had a son who was named William Long-sword and a daughter who they named Adele-Gerloc. Popa herself was born in 848 AD. and died in 912 AD. Aged 64 years.

Under King Rollo's encouragement there was a general conversion to Christianity and marriages between Norsemen and Frankish women increased. Therefore little by little Viking and Christian society began to blend together. The Normans as they came to be called made the Duchy of Normandy the first modern state in the West.

Statue of King Rollo
Tomb of King Rollo

Left: King Rollo’s statue in Rouen France and above

 Rollo's tomb in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Rouen France

In 1997 Colin, Founder of The Church of Light asked a prayer to God asking if he could know who his spirit guide was and that if it would it be possible for the pen he was holding, to move and write down the name.

Colin closed his eyes and did not look at the piece of paper which immediately began to move of it’s own accord. Some 15 minutes later, the pen stopped moving.


Spirit writing given to Colin

10th September 1997

Colin didn't look at the paper but moved his hand slightly to the right and immediately the pen began to move again of it’s own accord. Eventually, after approximately 45 minutes, the pen stopped and Colin looked at the paper and what was written on it.

The writing (above right) is testimony to the actual writing which took place during these 45 minutes. Although the name was unknown to Colin at the time, following inquiries made at the local library, it was revealed to be the name of King Rollo the Viking.

Since this day, many have seen Rollo standing next to Colin.

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