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Can Spirits Possess Us?

Possession by an evil spirit is very real. Exorcism or removal of such spirits is also very real. Both are rarely, truly understood. With sixteen years experience involving the exorcism of evil spirits in Liverpool and the surrounding areas of Merseyside, Colin explains how and why some people can become possessed by evil spirits.

Films portray possessed people to be squirming on the floor, frothing at the mouth, having seizures and shouting obscenities etc. Movie films give a lasting impression that this is what happens to a person once possessed and that these are the only identifying or even main characteristics of an evil spirit's presence.

From the motion picture The Exorcist

It would be incorrect to say that “some” people who are in a state of possession don't behave like this as some people do exhibit these physical signs of an evil spirit's presence, although such cases are rare and extreme.

The reality is that “Possession” or “Obsession” by spirits is usually more subtle than this, so that a person may not actually be aware of the spirits presence until it becomes apparent that their behaviour has changed noticeably or radically.

Possession of a Persons Body

To “Possess” according to the English Dictionary means, "to have power over" and this is exactly what a possessing Spirit seeks.

To have power over a person or to control them is what possession by a spirit really means and the use of the word possession in our booklet refers to this power over, or control of a person in every instance. Possession by a spirit does not mean that it resides or lives within your actual body and becomes a part of you, as this is something it cannot do, there being only room within a person's physical framework for one spirit and that is their own.

The possessive spirit begins its possession by initially drawing close to you and then eventually through the establishing of a close attachment with you, is able to take control. Spirits of this intention operate within a person's Aura or personal energy field, as this is the closest a spirit can get to a physical body.

Everybody has an Aura, which is the energy field around every human and animal body and which although being invisible, can be seen by certain people through Clairvoyance and photographed using Kirlian imaging cameras.

Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photgraphic Aura Images

Once inside the aural field the spirit can then begin to affect, influence and control the person. This then is possession, as the spirit is now as close as it can possibly be to you and is able to influence you to do exactly what it wants you to do.

To understand the earlier statement that there is only room for one spirit within our bodies and that is our own spirit, consider the Biblical account in (Mark 5 v 1 - 13). A man possessed by spirits had them removed by Jesus, who was told that their name was Legion, with the approximate number of spirits removed being 2000!

There is no possibility of 2000 spirits occupying the body of any one man and in this case as in every case, these spirits through drawing close and becoming attached to him were able to influence, control and possess him.


2000 Spirits

2000 Spirits operated within the man’s Aura


The human body is animated by a person's spirit which when a person goes to sleep naturally withdraws and remains detached from the physical body until the sleep period is over. It follows therefore and is logical that no one could ever enjoy a nights sleep if any other spirit was present within a physical body on a permanent basis, for the state of sleep would be an impossibility. If a human body had 2000 spirits living within it, it would be animated to the point were the body could never sleep again.

Spirit possession therefore does not mean the spirits occupy, live or reside actually within your physical body, but possess you by their intense influence and close proximity to you. The 2000 possessive spirits were operating not from inside this man's physical framework but from within his Aura.

Outward Physical Signs of Possession

People who are under an evil spirit's influence may display outward signs of that possession, with their behaviour pattern being of a disturbing nature. Physical signs pinpoint the problem as being possession and are the same in nature as they were in the time of Jesus. In Mark 9 v 17 - 21, we have recorded here obvious signs of possession by an evil spirit, as foaming at the mouth, gnashing of teeth, being physically rigid, rolling around on the floor and convulsing, all indicate a spirits presence. Other people who are victims of an evil spirit often display feats of great strength and are even able to break restraining chains or straps used on them.

There have also been some instances of possessed people actually ripping out the tongue of another person, which requires a tremendous physical effort. Possessed people display a tendency to be on their own, to be isolated, away from other people and are frequently seen to seek solitude amongst cemeteries and graveyards, appearing to or claiming to speak with the dead that are buried there. Possessed people have a desire and an attraction to dwell in such places, drawing comfort from such areas, which is not normal wholesome behaviour, but one that indicates an evil spirit's presence.


Possessed People can spend abnormal amounts of time in Graveyards


The Possessed person can display the desire to remove clothing, it being not uncommon for such a person to be naked irrespective of where they may be. (Luke 8 v 26 - 30) The Possessed person may actually harm themselves at times, either with knives or indeed any form of weapon no matter how crude.

The Possessed person may harm other people who attempt to approach them and caution should always be exercised in all dealings with such people. The possessed person may also have no qualms about hurting anyone who may actively try to dissuade them from their course of action. As it is the evil spirit that is in control of the person possessed any person under a spirit's control will find great difficulty in resisting the instructions they receive from it. A person who has true Clairvoyance will be in a position to see if evil spirit(s) are present with a person who displays any of the aforementioned signs of possession.

Physical signs of possession are generally rare, with there being more people influenced and possessed by evil spirits than would appear, as the majority of people do not display any of the aforementioned signs in any way at all. It would defeat the evil spirit world's goal if all people influenced by them displayed such obvious signs, for it would be an easier task for those people who have the authority from God to remove such spirits, to identify those in need of help and remove the offending spirit. Such spirits are far more organised and work in a subtle way so that their influence is not so easily recognised and dealt with, It being the reason why the vast majority of people who are possessed are more likely to be unaware of it.

Real Signs of Spirit Possession

We see or hear of terrible crimes being committed all over the world, such as terrorist bombings that kill or maim innocent people, people being shot dead by crazed gunmen, horrific murders, theft, armed robbery and children being abused. Furthermore we hear reports of rape, ill treatment of animals and gross domestic violence and we ask ourselves why do these people behave in this way and do such awful things?

Terrible news like this is not heard of only every now and again, but is daily news, with every new day bringing a wealth of misery to our attention, it being very much commonplace. What needs to be considered is where did the initial thought or influence originate from to do such things? Was the thought of murdering a young child for example merely a product of the murderer's own mind or was the evil thought placed there by an outside force?

All people who are responsible for terrible crimes are fully aware that their actions are wrong. There is no person who on committing a heinous crime is not aware at the time of the crime that it was wrong for them to do it. Regardless of their understanding that their actions are wrong and regardless of the fact that they have full awareness and knowledge of what they are doing, they still go ahead and commit such atrocities. Why is this?

The initial thought and desire for such atrocious behaviour stems not from the perpetrator, but from the direct influence and impression given them from the evil spirit world. Evil spirits are constantly at work in attempting to feed us the thoughts that could result in us embarking on a wrongful course of action or deed. These spirits sow the seeds within the minds of those who they are able to impress and choose all manner of ways to achieve this. All people are given free will from God, it being a person's individual decision alone to succumb to their influence or not, making us therefore responsible in God's eyes and those of the law if we do.

How Evil Spirits Can Gain Control and Possess us

1. Entertainment

Spirits who wish to possess you have to be allowed to do so, for there has to be in effect a door opened so that they may enter into your life. Spirits achieve this by drawing close to a person and implanting thoughts or ideas into that person's mind, endeavouring to make all manner of serious wrongdoing appear desirable.

One way these spirits achieve this is by implanting into a person's mind the thought or idea of reading books of an extreme violent nature, or to watch unsavoury films that are centred around violence, abuse or sexual perversion.

Violent or pornographic books are used by some Spirits to gain Possession

Through the use of these tools people are influenced by these spirits to find such conduct entertaining and to eventually view it as normal and acceptable forms of relaxation.

Once this thought or idea is implanted to read or watch such material and an acceptance of it is gained, the spirits will then attempt to develop the desire to act out in real life that which you have found entertaining. With certain people these spirits are able to succeed in this and will work incessantly to influence them to commit more serious wrongdoing.

Any book, magazine or film that portrays violence in any form is unacceptable and is used by such spirits to influence people's minds. All around the world many people are influenced by these spirits to do what is wrong and to continue in such an ungodly and unacceptable manner, for this is their purpose and goal.

People that are spirit influenced will commit terrible acts and a closer look at such people's lifestyle would no doubt indicate the presence of a spirit's influence. It may be however that the reader or viewer of such material will not actually act indecently or commit any crime themselves, or even feel their actions are unacceptable in any way. As a person's Aura or energy field around their body emits energies that are related to their lifestyle, behaviour or actions, it must be appreciated that any negative action or behaviour is also imprinted on that emanating energy field also.

A person who therefore reads or watches such unacceptable negative material will emit energy that will be to some degree negative and which could prove to be disruptive or harmful to another person of a more finer Aura. Due to this negative energy people who feel affected by it may have to distance themselves from the person emitting the energy. possessing spirits may therefore not see a person they have targeted commit a terrible act due to what they have influenced that person to read or watch, but they have succeeded in causing disruption and discord through the effects of that person's negative energy, which to these Spirits is success in itself.

2. Personal behaviour or lifestyle

One sure way that we can open the door and allow for the attraction and possession of an evil spirit is due to the way in which we live our lives or the life-style we hold, our behaviour and the way we treat ourselves and others too. A spirit may draw close to an alcoholic or drug addict for example because that spirit thrives on this sort of negative pursuit and will become attached in time to a person behaving in this manner.

Spirits are Attracted to Alcoholics and Drug Addicts


Evil spirits are attracted by many excesses that we may indulge or engage in, therefore if we are greedy, lustful, display anger or hatred, are violent, immoral, or we cheat, steal, are selfish, jealous, addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling or food we are open to the influence of a Spirit. (Galatians 5: 19-21)

These Spirits are attracted by such negative conduct and will after drawing close to a person of this nature, encourage them to become even more involved in the negative pursuit. People under spirit possession will gradually become totally consumed with the activity and it will dominate their life.

3. Occultist Organisations

Cults or occultist organisations who give allegiance to the devil and his evil spirits must be avoided at all costs, as their very creed and conduct is geared to the opposite of all that is good. A belief and life-style that actually welcomes evil spirit influences into your life is one that can lead to spirit possession.

Covens and individuals who call themselves witches and who openly admit to engaging in ritualistic witchcraft must be avoided, as these people are working with the evil spirit world and any contact with these groups will be detrimental to you.

Some of these organisations however who are engaged in occult practices openly testify to having respect and loyalty to God and allege to shun all that is evil. It is important in dealing with people who make such claims to always look at what good comes from their actions or their activities, for if they are of God it will be apparent. If you observe anything arising from the actions of such groups that is of a negative nature, then reject that organisation and its beliefs irrespective of their alleged allegiances.


Witchcraft is Extremely Dangerous!


Jesus talks of this in (Matthew 7: 15-23) stating that it is impossible for a good tree to produce bad fruit, and similarly a bad tree to produce good fruit. Jesus meant that if you are engaged in a work that is good and wholesome, it can only display to all people that fact, for only good effects will be seen. Similarly Jesus states that if your works or actions are not good and righteous then the fruit of your labour will be bad and observed by all as bad.

Use discernment therefore in dealing with such individuals or organisations for everyone shows by their actions and works who they are true followers of.

4. Divination of the Future

Through the practice of divination of the future a person can make conditions favourable for an evil spirit to be attracted to them and ultimately possess them. If you engage in the use of any instrument for divination of the future or foretelling of the future, you are at serious risk of possession by evil spirits. Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystal Balls, Palmistry or indeed any type of instrument or method for the purposes of foretelling the future are all to be avoided, as they are instruments used by these Spirits to influence you away from God.


Divination IS NOT a Gift from God


The user of such instruments may not realise or appreciate that they are being influenced and under the direction and control of a negative spirit, as they may feel that their information is in fact beneficial to the inquirers. Many believe that they are providing a service and thereby give help, counsel and advice to distressed people. This is what negative spirits want diviners to believe and it is hard for many people actively engaged in divination to accept this.

In observing the work of such diviners however it is seen that they often impart information that on reflection the recipient would rather have not received. Diviners inform people for example of an imminent illness or death of a relative or friend and consider it to be good positive insight as it allows them to prepare for the event.

Others advise of events in the future that are actually going to be of a worrying or stressful nature, with diviners once again considering their information allows the people concerned to prepare themselves for what is to happen.

Such information or insight is definitely of a negative nature, for the initial impact and effect such information has on the recipient testifies to that fact. A person in receipt of such information will not normally find it uplifting or beneficial, as they tend to become consumed with worry or sadness as what they know lies ahead.

A Diviner may not on every occasion impart negative information, but were there is an incidence or pattern emerging of this with the practice of divination of the future, then it cannot be of God and must be rejected. As God gives free will to all people so that even he himself doesn't know our ultimate decisions in life, so it must be appreciated that to inform people of future events that may alter that free will choice must be wrong.

As God does not want to influence our ultimate decisions it follows that no one should ever influence another's person's decision making process through insight into the details concerning the future life of that person.

Consider also the account in (Acts: 16: 16-20) in the Bible. The Apostle Paul was being harassed by a slave girl who was intent on being disruptive to the divine work that he and his followers were engaged in, with the interference being experienced from this person for many days. Due to this person actively using an instrument to foretell the future she had allowed an evil spirit to draw close, influence and possess her.

The spirit showed itself to be of an evil intent by virtue of the fact it was trying to disrupt the Apostle's work, which was given to him by God. This spirit was not a good Spirit of God for good and loyal Spirits of God would never allow themselves to be used for the purpose of Divination. This Spirit was not of God which is why the Apostle had to deal with it in the way he did. If divination of the future were in fact a spiritual service then the Spirit would not have influenced the girl to act in the way she did.

Both the spirit and the girl would surely have behaved in a more respectful way to the Apostle if their work too were from God. This spirit was not engaged in a true spiritual work and showed by its actions through the slave girl whom it was loyal to. Divination of the future therefore is not a Spiritual Gift of God and evil spirits control all divination of the future. An evil spirit will eventually possess any person who engages in divination of the future, for the insight into future events comes directly from them and not from God.

5. Direct Communication: The Ouija Board

One way that evil spirits are attracted and which puts you in grave danger of severe possession by them, is through the use of the Ouija Board. The Ouija Board is a communicational device that attracts evil spirits who wish you harm and upset and although initial use of such a board appears to be informative and innocent, its use must be avoided.


Extremely Dangerous Pursuit

Lower negative Spirits Communicate through the Ouija Board


Evil spirits operating through the board usually lull you into a false sense of security, initially gaining your attention and appreciation by virtue of the interesting and accurate information it dispenses. Once these spirits have your attention and you begin to use the board regularly, you will then find information being dispensed that you wish you hadn't received.

The Ouija Board allows direct communication with the evil spirit world who has as their agenda your downfall, although you may possibly be able to use the board for some time before the damaging information is imparted.

Through the use of the board spirit possession can take on other forms, as your use of the board is a means for these spirits to enter your life and in a very tangible way. You may through the boards use for example be subjected to visions or apparitions of a disturbing kind, or attract the activities of sexual spirits known as Incubus or Succubus. Some users experience severe mental health problems after consulting the Ouija Board, which is due to the effect of the spirits influence and impression upon them.

The Ouija Board is a means to communicate with the lower spirits and is never used by the higher Spirits of God, it being an instrument of evil spirits and a sure way to allow them to possess you.

6. Negative Energy

Evil spirits can eventually possess you through a link with certain objects that come into your possession and which contain negative energy. Jewellery, furniture, clothing and books are just some of the items that can house suitable negative energy which can be used by evil spirits as a means to enter a person's life and possess them.

There is also no limit to the objects that can store such negative energy. Every living person continually emits energy, having around their physical body an energy field that is called an Aura. Depending on the way we conduct ourselves and what activities we engage in, will be the determining factor as to whether we emit positive energy or negative energy. All of our possessions absorb the energy that we personally emit, soaking it up perpetually like a sponge does with a liquid, so that any article we own will have imprinted upon it our own personal energy whether positive or negative.

(This is how Psychometry works, for a Psychometrist is reading the energy of the person that is contained within the object being held)

If a person has borrowed a particular object whether it is an item of jewellery, furniture, clothing or a book, the energy contained and emanating from that object will be that of the previous owner(s). If the emanating energy is of a suitable negativity, then evil spirits are able to draw close to the proximity of that object as the negative energy allows them to link with it, form an attachment and enter your life. Once the spirit has entered it is then in a position to influence all in possession of the object, or all those in proximity to it. As it is the object that houses the attractive negative energy it follows that whoever has ownership of the object will be the person to experience the problems related to negative spirit activity.

It is necessary to have such negative energy removed from the object by a person who has the ability to do so, which then serves to end the spirit's means of attachment and it will leave. It is not necessary to destroy such objects, only the negative energy housed within it.

The Church of Light as part of its spiritual work removes negative energy from such identified objects.

Any object that is purchased new will not house any energy at all, as it has not been owned by any person and will not in any way be able to serve the purpose of attracting evil spirits.

How to repel Possessive Spirits

If you live your life in a truly upright, honest, righteous and Godlike manner, then you will have nothing to fear from the evil spirit world. With such a spiritual outlook and life-style that states and identifies you as a follower of God, evil spirits will be repelled by you and they will never come near you. (James 4:7) Evil Spirits always try to impress you to think wrong thoughts or engage in wrongful pursuits, it being up to every individual therefore to resist them otherwise spirit possession can be a reality.

By not making conditions favourable for evil spirits to enter your life and by not engaging in the means to attract such Spirits you will be safeguarded.

Furthermore develop the " Fruits of the Spirit" of God which are love, joy, kindness, goodness, faith in God, mildness, self control and evil spirits will distance themselves from you. (Galatians 5: 22)

Always seek to do that which is right and honourable, living a life that is full of goodness and light, for if you do the spirits who are in spiritual darkness will never be able to assail you. (Ephesians 5: 8-21)



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