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Can Spirits Make Us Ill?

Evil spirit influences are forever present and around us, with the effects they cause being of an injurious nature to all who give them the opportunity to draw close. Spirits of an evil intent who are present within a person's home for example will cause lots of problems for the occupants, as these Spirits are intent on causing as much upset and harm as they can. Spirits of a negative or evil intention can have as their goal, the making of a person ill through a medical condition, ailment or disease.

How evil spirits begin to make us ill

Once they have entered your house and being desirous of succeeding in this intention, they usually opt to being active at an optimum time that will prove to be the most physically and mentally detrimental to those dwelling within the property. The Spirit's activity may be structured at the onset to disrupting your sleep pattern by waking you up from your sleep through the use of loud noises that are heard close to where you are asleep or from an area close by.

You can be awakened by the sound of bells ringing, the sound of footsteps, the sound of the telephone ringing or the sound of a dog barking, to mention just a few. Although these sounds are heard by you, they are not actually real, but are engineered by the Spirits concerned. Knowing that disruption to your sleep pattern will eventually cause health problems these Spirits often initially begin with this method of attack, for there is no surer way to begin the downward spiral to illness than through sleep deprivation.

Spirits opt to begin wearing us down mentally and physically by this means and if prolonged results as a matter of course in exhaustion of the mind and body. When such a state has been achieved you then begin to suffer other problems related to sleep loss and exhaustion, with the lack of sleep being an excellent catalyst for many disconcerting complaints to surface. These negative Spirits are always trying to influence and impress their evil thoughts upon mankind, which they do successfully by putting negative thoughts into your mind, which can result eventually in ill health being expressed in many people.

When an evil spirit has drawn close to you with the specific intention of making you ill, then an effect on the physical body will invariably be seen, which can take the form in time of severe disablement or mental disorders.

The spirits who wish to affect you in this way do not always inflict a medical problem on you in an instant, but are rather more subtle, with problems arising gradually so that you may not really be aware that you are a victim of their influence. The spirits working to this end are far to organised to allow their influence to be so obviously recognised and readily apparent, as otherwise it would be identified quickly and rectified by a person with the Spiritual ability to do so.

Was Jesus aware that evil spirits made people ill?

Jesus when on earth knew of the activities of evil spirits and the physical effects they can have on people, which is made plain in the healing by Jesus of a woman who had been crippled for many years. The Bible's account states that a spirit had crippled this woman for eighteen years until healed by Jesus. (Luke13 v 10 -13) This spirit was of an evil intent by virtue of its effects on the woman and had caused her great suffering for many years.


Jesus Heals a Crippled Woman

This evil spirit had succeeded in it's intention, but once commanded by Jesus to leave her the Spirit had to obey, with the good health of the woman thereby being reinstated.

Consider also the account of Jesus' healing of a young boy who was suffering from seizures due to the direct influence of an evil spirit. (Matthew 17 v 14 - 19). In verse 18 Jesus rebukes the spirit and the spirit leaves the boy on that command, with the account further stating that he was healed at once. This evil spirit was making the boy ill, but once it was removed the complaint left the boy and good health was reinstated.

Jesus rebuked the evil spirit and it left the boy

On another occasion Jesus was met by a man who was also suffering at the hands of an evil spirit and due to its powerful influence had caused a physical disorder to be prevalent, for the spirit had taken his power of speech away. Jesus commanded the spirit out of the man, which resulted in full health being restored to him and he spoke once again. (Matthew 9 v 32 - 34)

Jesus Exorcised the Evil Spirit and the man spoke

Are all modern day illnesses due to Evil Spirits?


Ill health due to the activities of evil spirits is still seen today, as evil spirits are at work today just as they were in the time of Jesus. These spirits are always attempting to influence and impress their evil thoughts upon mankind or to attack them directly which can result eventually in ill health for many people.

What must be remembered is that not all sickness and disease is as a result of evil spirit influence. It is not that each time you are ill that the complaint should be attributed to evil spirit activity, with you needing to seek help for the spirit's removal. Any complaint, ailment or disease can have its origin in other areas and it is inappropriate to jump to the conclusion that you have the problem because of a malevolent spirit's activity.

If we consider the Bible's account of Jesus in (Matthew 9 v 27 - 30) we see here that two blind men approached Jesus to receive healing and as a result could see once again. You notice that the scriptures do not say that these blind men had an evil spirit with them, or that an evil spirit possessed them, so it would appear that these men were blind for purely physical reasons and not because of an evil spirit.

The account therefore of these two blind men and the account of the man whose speech had been taken away from him and which was highlighted earlier, shows that some complaints are directly due to evil spirit influence, while others are not.

These two accounts in the Bible therefore show us that not all problems can be attributed to evil spirits, with Jesus being very aware of this fact.

Other signs of evil spirit influence As the affect of an evil spirits activity is insipid, you need to be vigilant and look out for the signs that identify the possibility of negative spirit influence being present. As the spirit begins to make you ill, (although you may not realise your illness is due to a spirit) its presence can be identified due to other affects it will have on you and which only other people may notice.

Affected people may begin to behave in a way that does not befit them, with their behaviour being totally out of character. Their speech may be abusive or their conversation inappropriate when normally they spoke diplomatically and respectfully.

Their overall respect for people or for animals may alter, with respect for themselves too being called into question. Any total adverse change of behaviour in whatever area of life needs to be recognised as the possible influence of a malevolent Spirit and if ill health is also being experienced then this too must serve to alert that a negative Spirit may be active.

Can negative thoughts make us ill?

Evil spirits in knowing that a disharmony between your mind, body and spirit will eventually cause ill health, they may try to instill into your mind a thought pattern that will be instrumental in bringing about the physical problem they wish you to suffer from.

Stress for example will bring on a host of undesirable complaints with heart problems eventually being one of the most serious ones. Stressful thoughts or thoughts that will slowly bring about stress can be placed in your mind by malevolent spirits as they know that a heart problem may ensue in time if you harbour or dwell on these implanted thoughts.

There are many thought patterns that eventually lead to a particular physical complaint if allowed to lodge in our minds and such unwelcome thoughts must be immediately recognised as dangerous and dispelled quickly. Any thoughts that enter your head that are of a negative nature must be dispelled as soon as possible for these thoughts are as ammunition when used by evil spirits and are expert at implanting them within you.

Thoughts of a negative nature may pop into your head throughout the day and although your mind will always rationalise this and come up with a reason for the thought, it may well be that a malevolent spirit gave it to you.

Any harboured negativity will register within your own spirit and disrupt it, leading thereby in time to the physical manifestation of your spirit's disruption, namely a physical or mental problem.

Certain spirits who are a part of the “Devil's” organisation work relentlessly to cause people harm and upset through the giving of them ill health. Keeping one's thoughts pure at all times is the best safeguard you can have, as such personal monitoring will ensure that harmony, peace and above all good health will reign within your body, mind and spirit.

God helps all those who are suffering at the hands of an evil spirit as he has provided the Divine processes known as Spiritual Healing and Exorcism. The Church of Light as part of its spiritual work conducts Spiritual Healing and Exorcism for all those who request it.

The Church of Light as part of its spiritual work also removes any malevolent spirit from any location it is operating from.

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