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Does Man Have a Spirit?

The suggestion that humans have a Spirit, which does not die, is eternal and continues on in an ever-progressing manner, even though the body has ceased to exist, has always been a subject for passionate discussion.

A belief in the existence of a human Spirit and that it is a part of our very being, is held by the majority of religions and religious groups throughout the world.

The doctrine of both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church both state that at death the Soul or Spirit of a person will travel to the heavenly realms if they have lived a good earthly life and will continue to exist as a Spirit.

The Eastern religions also have the same creed, believing one and the same thing, that the Spirit of the person at death continues on progressing and learning and does not die, but is alive and operating in a different dimension although unseen by human eyes.

The belief in the continuance of the human Spirit after death has been in existence for thousands of years and held by many people from different civilisations and varying cultures.

For many people though their belief in the existence and continuance of the Spirit can be due to the fact that their religion tells them that this is so and are indoctrinated to believe this without question.

Many people however admit that they are still very perplexed and unsure as to whether we are really Spirits in human bodies, irrespective of what their religion has rigorously urged them to believe.

There are some religions however who do not accept that we are partly Spirit, but believe that at death you do not travel to the heavenly realms but remain dead with no consciousness at all.

It therefore prompts the questions, is it true that we are a Spirit in a human body and if so how did this come about and does our Spirit really continue to live on after physical death?

In the Book of Genesis in the Bible is recorded the account of the creation of our world and of all life, with the account informing us of how God created the physical Man.

There is in the account two distinct actions, two clear definite operations taking place before Man becomes a living human being. (Genesis 2 v 7)

The account tells us that God as his first action creates the first man from the ground, forming his physical shape from it and then as a separate and distinct action breathes into him the Breath Of Life.

The word used in the original Hebrew texts for Breath of Life is " Spirit ".

God therefore gave the created physical man his Spirit which served to animate him, as the account goes on to say that the man then became a living soul, meaning that once he was given his Spirit he was then alive, animated and able to function and not before this.

Man is therefore a human being consisting of a Spirit encased within the physical body, with consciousness and movement being due to his Spirit that exists within.

God creates man

God Creates Man

Your Spirit is unique to you and it is your Spirit what makes you who you are, there being no two Spirits alike.

To understand this more easily consider your fingerprints and how they are exclusively yours with no other person having fingerprints like them, with each set of fingerprints being individual and unique to that person.

Just as your fingerprints are unique to you, so too is your Spirit, for it is individual with no one else having within their body a Spirit exactly the same as your Spirit.

Therefore everything that contributes to your individuality is due to the Spirit you possess, making each one of us distinctive and original.

As man is alive and animated due to the Spirit within him, it also follows that if the Spirit departs from the physical body the body ceases to function, as the Spirit is the driving force behind human life.

When people retire to bed at night and sleep overcomes them, it is due to the withdrawal of the Spirit from their body that this happens.

As their Spirit withdraws out of their body, animation and movement ceases, for the body cannot function without its Spirit, with the mode of sleep then taking over.

The Spirit is still linked to the body throughout the sleep period by a silver cord and returns when the physical body is suitably refreshed. (Ecclesiastes 12 v 6)

silver cord

The Spirit is still linked to the Body when we sleep


If a person's Spirit did not withdraw each night it would be impossible for that person to benefit from sleep, for their Spirit would always animate their body.

God as the Creator of the physical body made provision for this phenomena of sleep for it is a necessary part of our physical programme, allowing the body to thereby refresh and replenish itself on a daily basis.

When the time arrives however for the Spirit to exit the body after the physical death of the person, the Bible explains that the body, which was created from the elements of the ground returns to it and the Spirit of the person, returns to God. (Ecclesiastes 12 v 7)

The physical body is discarded and will no longer be seen while the Spirit, which is eternal, continues on into God's Spirit World to take up its position there.


The Spirit Leaves the Body at Death to Continue its Existence

Due to the Bible's statement that your Spirit goes back to God, it therefore implies that your Spirit is not dead like the body, but returns to God in full consciousness.

The Bible again helps us to understand this statement of fact, with the account of Jesus on the mountain with his Disciples at what is generally known as the “Transfiguration”.

This account clearly enlightens us to the fact that your Spirit does not die at your death but returns to God to continue operating in full consciousness. The account is found in (Mark 9 v2-8)

This account states that whilst on the mountain Elijah and Moses appeared and began talking with Jesus about the events that would shortly take place and which directly concerned him.

It must be remembered that Elijah and Moses had been dead for hundreds of years and yet here they were speaking with Jesus, holding an intelligent conversation with him and offering him serious and beneficial insight into future events that involved him.


Jesus with Moses & Elijah

“The Transfiguration”

Jesus was not hallucinating during this discussion and neither were his Disciples, for both of these Prophets were there, with Jesus and the Disciples all seeing them quite plainly and hearing the important information they imparted.

Although the bodies of Elijah and Moses had ceased to be centuries earlier their Spirits were still in existence, operating and living in a different dimension namely the Spirit World, but with the ability to still communicate with people on Earth.

Elijah and Moses were so real in fact that one of the Disciples actually offered to erect a shelter for Jesus and the two prophets indicating by this suggestion that not only were Elijah and Moses present, but were also present in actual physical bodies.

Spirits have the capability of temporarily materialising human bodies when necessary and evidently this is what happened on the mountain that day.

For further proof that our Spirit lives on after the death of the physical body consider the account recorded in (Luke 8 v 49-56)

In this account Jesus is called to visit a house where a young girl has died and although it is obvious that the girl is indeed dead, Jesus enters and commands the girl to “ get up! “

In verse 55 we are told that her Spirit returned and she at once stood up.

The child's body had died and was dead, there was no doubt in anyone's mind of that fact, but Jesus having the God given ability to bring the child's Spirit back, done just that.

The child's Spirit was not dead but was in existence somewhere else, it had not perished but was alive and Jesus reinstated the child's Spirit within her physical body once again.

The fact that the account states that her Spirit " returned " implies by definition that her Spirit had travelled or journeyed somewhere, or was in the process of that journey, otherwise this term " returned “ would not have been used.

Her Spirit had left her body and although her body had ceased to function due directly to the withdrawal of her Spirit, her Spirit had not died but had continued to live on and which through Jesus was allowed to return once again to her physical body.


The girl’s Spirit returned and she was alive again

Reflect on the fact that if her Spirit had died with her body, the account would of stated that Jesus " resurrected " her Spirit, but this is not what is recorded, for the account states that the Spirit of the girl " returned “.

Reflect further again on the account in (Genesis 2 v 7) the account of the creation of Man.

As was stated earlier it was only when the Breathe of Life or Spirit was given to the Man did he then become a living person.

Therefore not until his Spirit entered into him did the Man become alive and so too with this girl, she died when her Spirit withdrew from her body at death, but once her Spirit was reinstated her body was once again animated and she was alive and able to stand up.

The Body therefore can be likened to a vehicle which transports your Spirit around, with the body enjoying animation so long as your Spirit remains present within you.

The body is like a shell or housing for the Spirit throughout the duration of your life on Earth.

From the accounts cited it can be seen that the Spirit does not become extinguished or die like the body does at death but continues on in an organised framework and structured existence.

Just as Moses and Elijah are still alive in the Spirit World, so too are all people who have lived on the earth in times past, but who are now operating within new boundaries, with new lives to pursue and are not dead, gone or forgotten.

Sadly although there are millions of people who believe that we do indeed at the point of death travel to the Spirit World and continue to exist, we do find many of these millions totally disbelieving and rejecting any suggestion that Spirit's in the Spirit World have mobility and the power to communicate with people here on Earth.

Many people although believing that we all will eventually exist in the Spirit World, will not accept that in this state of existence Spirits have the opportunity to return to earth to visit and communicate with people they knew and relatives they loved.

This element of people holds such a view usually because their religion cannot and will not consider any evidence or knowledge offered concerning the mechanics of life in the Spirit World.

Many religions and there followers remain quite content in declaring and teaching that you do go to Heaven when you die, but that is all you need to know.

Many are advised that any knowledge or insight offered by anyone as to a Spirit's ability to travel about and communicate should be rejected, as it is to some Churches no more than the thoughts and work of the Devil.

This results therefore in only a relatively small number of people actually understanding the truth concerning life, death and our destiny.

Jesus himself indicated when he was on Earth that there would be a vast amount of people who would be ignorant of the truth, with only a few truly understanding the truths concerning God and his plans and purposes.

Jesus made the comparison between the knowledgeable and the ignorant as two roads, one wide and spacious and the other narrow and small. (Matthew 7 v 13- 14).


Narrow Road

The Wise


Wide Road

The Ignorant

Jesus is stating here that although the majority of people would adhere to the same beliefs and ideas, he points out that this did not mean that their beliefs etc. were the truth purely because they were in the majority.

Jesus to the contrary states that most people would tread the wide road of ignorance.

As Spirits do not possess a physical body it may be presumed that this is why they are invisible and therefore unable to be seen with human eyes, but this is not entirely correct.

All Spirits vibrate just as all life in the universe does, except Spirits vibrate at a much faster rate than we and other earthly life does, making sight of them thereby impossible.

There are two ways that humans can see a Spirit and they are: -

1) By the Spirit lowering it's vibrational rate to the point that it is vibrating at a slow enough pace to equal the vibrational rate of humans, thereby allowing human eyes to see its shape.

2) By the Spirit lowering it's vibrational rate to equal the human vibrational rate and clothing itself with the essence of physical matter or Odic Force, so that the Spirit will appear as a solid human being.

To understand what is meant by vibration and the fact that Spirits vibrate faster than we do, please engage in the following exercise to understand this more fully.

Hold your Index Finger up in front of you at eye level and approximately 0.5 metre away from your face and slowly move it from side to side.

Now proceed to move your finger from side to side but at a much faster rate and you will notice how you are beginning to see more than one Index Finger, for it is in affect vibrating.

If you could move your finger at a very fast rate it would reach the point where it would disappear from sight, it being the principle and mechanics behind our inability to see the Spirits, for their vibrational rate is faster than that of our own.

If you further consider the functioning of a Metronome in a Music Class it will further help you to understand how the faster the vibrational rate, so the closer the object vibrating approaches invisibility.



Just as a Metronome moves from side to side from a slow pace to a very fast one, it is appreciated that the pendulum could if the speed was sufficient enough, disappear from view due to the speed of it's vibration.

The Spirit who wishes to be seen therefore by a human must lower its vibration down to a speed which then brings it into the range of our vibrational rate and our physical sight, enabling it's shape to then be seen.

A Spirit also has the option to clothe itself with physical matter, which then allows it to be seen as a solid human being.

A person viewing a Spirit in this state is not always aware however of the fact that it is a visiting or materialised Spirit.

The substance needed by a Spirit to clothe itself in physical matter is called Odic Force and is extracted by the Spirit from either physical objects near to hand, or from the person the Spirit wishes to appear to.

Once the Spirit has finished with the Odic Force it is returned to the object or person it was originally taken from.

Many people even today have seen and conversed with Spirits who have appeared in solid form, while others have been unaware of who they were actually talking to, until enlightened by a person recognising who the Spirit actually was.

In the days of the Apostle Paul many people entertained Spirits unknown to themselves which prompted the Apostle to admonish everyone to be hospitable to all strangers for they may be visiting Spirits from the Spirit World. (Hebrews 13v2)

As the Spirit Worlds can be contacted directly there are people who regularly enter into accurate communication with them, receiving and conveying messages of real quality from them to people who the Spirits wish to contact.

There are also certain individuals who have the ability to heal people of terrible diseases by directly working with the good Spirits of God, who through their help and assistance are able to see many Healings taking place.

To aid awareness and understanding of the fact that we are Spirit Beings in essence and that we will continue existing and living in God’s Spirit world, consider using your own logic and power of reason the following searching questions:

Q. If God is a God of love and compassion and truly is concerned about our welfare so that he considers our needs more so than the animal kingdom, (Matthew 6 v 25 - 30) then why does God only allow us to live and enjoy life for only 70 –80 years aprox. ?

Q. If God is a compassionate God then why would he allow us to put in a lifetime of effort and hard work, with all our achievements being forgotten in a short space of time afterwards by practically everybody?

Q. Why does God wish us to draw closer to him and enter into a personal relationship with him, if we are going to be dead and forgotten in such a short time?

Q. Why does Jesus talk of everlasting life when our life expectancy is only 70- 80 years?

Q. Why would God allow Jesus to come to earth as

The Redeemer knowing he would have to endure a terrible death for people who only live a short period of time anyway?

Such questions brings people to the conclusion that God as the supreme intelligent Spirit must have reason behind all that he does and surely does not do anything without purpose or meaning.

God is indeed as his Bible states a God of love and compassion, continually providing for our earthly needs, being a God who does not intend that we die and remain forgotten, but cares for us because we are a part of God.

God in all his omnipotence would not create the earth and put mankind upon it without reason, creating us all to be in existence only for a moment in terms of time, without some long term meaningful plan involved.

The Bible states that one day with God is the same as a thousand years to us, so our lifespan to God is but a drop in the ocean of time.

It is therefore inconceivable that such a short life would be allotted us unless our earthly life was part of an overall plan.

God is a God of purpose, design and reason, wishing no one any harm or injury and certainly would not allow us to live a fruitful life to then see us just die, never to exist again.

All humans are therefore also Spirits, living for a time in a material body which will be discarded when our time to leave earth arrives, with our Spirit and our consciousness continuing on to live within a different plane of existence, for this is God's plan for us all.

We will in time exist in a different world to what we know now, but will retain all knowledge of our life on earth.

We are part of God and because of this we will live for eternity, for although human now, we are also Spirit and Spirit, which is of God, cannot die.

Our origin, the true reason for our life here on earth and the destiny that awaits us all was presented to Colin the founder of The Church of Light by Rollo,


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