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What is Exorcism and Liberation?

As part of his Divine spiritual work Colin Harrison conducts Exorcism and Liberation. If you are experiencing any problems in connection with unwanted spirit activity, please contact Colin here to receive assistance. Thank you.

Exorcism is a Divine procedure, which is used for the removal, and expulsion of "Celestial" Evil Spirits (Demons) by an individual appointed to this Divine ministry by God himself. A person who engages in such a ministry is known as an Exorcist.

Liberation of a Spirit is a different process to that of Exorcism, as it is a process for Spirits of the "Incarnated" type, who are in need of Spiritual assistance or Spiritual counselling. This type of Spirit benefits from, and ultimately progresses through the Liberation process.


NB. The difference between Celestial Spirits and Incarnated Spirits is that Celestial Spirits have never lived on the Earth before, whereas Incarnated Spirits have. All people who have lived on Earth, or who are living on Earth are Incarnated Spirits.


The activities of both types of Spirit can be very similar to each other and unless a person has the gift of Clairvoyance or Clairaudience they will be unable to establish what type of Spirit is troubling them. A Celestial Spirit will due to its power be more problematic than its Incarnated counterpart.

Spirits are able to attach themselves to people, to their property or to their belongings and will continue to remain present through this attachment so long as conditions remain favourable for them, which can be based on the way you live your life, your treatment of others and your overall conduct. A Spirit that has attached itself for whatever reason has no place being there and needs to be removed. A person who for example has a negative or Evil Spirit present within their house will have no doubt as to it's presence, due to the effects that are felt and seen from it's activity.


The process of Exorcism is a Gift from God given to certain individuals so that these malevolent Spirits can be removed and if necessary sent to a place where they cannot do any more harm. Exorcism is one of the Gifts of the highest order as Jesus himself was known for the use of three main Divine talents namely, Teaching, Healing and Exorcism, with many accounts being written concerning Jesus' exorcising or casting out Demonic Spirits.

A person who has been given this Divine authority is the only person able carry out Exorcism, as to try to exorcise a malevolent or Evil Spirit without this God given Authority can place you in a position of great danger and your life may be at risk. These malevolent Spirits Know who has this Authority and who does not and will use the opportunity to cause harm to any person who attempts to exorcise unlawfully. Consider the account in the Bible when seven men tried to exorcise an Evil Spirit from a man at the time of the Apostle Paul. (Acts 19 v 11- 16)

These men considered that they had the Authority from God to remove the Evil Spirit, but because they did not actually possess such Divine authority they suffered the severe consequences. The Spirit spoke to them and outwardly denied that they had the required Authority and further disclaimed all knowledge of who they were, for this Spirit did not recognise them as people able to perform such an act. They all suffered a severe physical attack as a result of their attempt to exorcise the Spirit. This Authority to remove Spirits must be Divinely given to a person for this work to be successfully carried out, just as Jesus gave it to his Disciples. (Luke 9 v 1 - 2)

The account recorded in (Mark 9 v 20 - 27) is an example of the recognition by a Spirit of Divine authority and jurisdiction that a person has over it. The Spirit in this account on seeing Jesus and in the knowledge of Jesus' Divine Authority over Spirits reacted badly and threw the boy into a convulsion.

The account in (Mark 1 v 21 - 27) also confirms that Evil Spirits have knowledge and recognition of one who has the Authority from God to remove them. This account details how the Spirit conversed with Jesus, seemingly with full knowledge that it was about to be removed, as its tone was one of a mocking nature. Once the command under the Authority of God was given, the Spirit reacted violently and left the man.

A person today who claims to be given Divine Authority to expel Evil Spirits can only be vindicated by virtue of the good effects seen following the Exorcism. If a person is experiencing severe problems in their home at the hands of an Evil Spirit and an Exorcism is performed but the Spirit is still active afterwards, then the Exorcist does not have the required Authority to perform such work.

There are many reports of Exorcisms that take numerous days to perform and conclude, due to the alleged volume of Spirits connected with the person or property. Any Exorcist working in this way must be avoided, as once the commands to leave are given to Evil Spirits by a person having the Authority from God, those Spirits regardless of their numbers must and will leave that person or property immediately and not take days to do so. These Spirits are not given a period of time in which to vacate the place they are residing in and neither are they allowed to leave the person or property at their own convenience.

Any person who requires a great amount of time to conclude an Exorcism cannot be receiving their Authority from God. In cases like this the Evil Spirit is actually deceiving the Exorcist into thinking it is being removed and is in affect playing with the Exorcist as a cat does with a mouse, it being a common pursuit of these Spirits with naive people.

Once commanded under the Authority of God to leave, unwanted Spirits must leave immediately, with no mitigating circumstances or direct pleas from the Spirits being considered either, for some Spirits do attempt to stop the Exorcism by offering reasons as to why they should not be exorcised but left alone. There has been Exorcists in times past and there are also some present day Exorcists who claim to remove Spirits by means of beating the person with sticks or batons and believe that this is how they are best removed.


Exorcists have beaten people to remove Evil Spirits

They are solid in their belief that the Spirit needs to be beaten out of the person, as by the beating of the body the Spirit would no longer wish to reside in such a broken and now physically impaired body and will therefore leave. What normally happens is that gross physical problems relating to this beating are realised and nothing more, with urgent medical help needing to be sought quickly and the Spirit still needing to be removed.

There has also been deaths as a result of this type of procedure, which points to the fact that this negative kind of action is definitely not sanctioned by God. A person receiving Divine help in removing a Spirit would not expect to finally end up in a worse position than they originally were, as only good effects are seen when any procedure is performed under the instruction and Authority of God.

When we talk of authority being given to a person by God, it can be understood more if we liken it to the manager of a company who has the authority by virtue of his position to " sack " a person from that Company due to some wrongdoing on their part. The authority is given to the manager by his superior the Managing Director, and uses that authority when necessary.

When an employee needs to be " sacked " or removed, the manager calls into being this authority and exercises it. It is to no avail if the employee concerned complains or argues about this directive, for due to the absolute authority given to the manager, the employee must leave! Similarly the person with Divine Authority to remove an Evil Spirit has no problem in that removal, for just as the employee must leave the company when told, so too the Spirit must leave the place it is operating in. The Exorcist receives Authority from his ultimate superior namely from God and his word is final.

Evil Spirits may just like the employee put up some resistance to what has been commanded, but any amount of resistance will be to no avail and the Spirit like the employee must obey.


There is also another problem to consider when a person enters into the act and process of Exorcism without Authority from God and that is Transference. Transference means that the Spirit in knowing that the Exorcist does not possess the God given authority to remove it, can decide to take up residency with them or worse!

To illustrate the dangers involved in attempting to exorcise a Spirit without Divine authority and of Transference, the following are the details surrounding one modern day Exorcism.

Taken from the Book " Binding the Devil " by Roger Baker, it states: -


A young Soldier suddenly started displaying all the classic symptoms of possession - screaming, writhing, throwing himself onto the ground and apparently, trying to kill himself. His colleagues held him down while the Doctor was summoned. The Doctor intuitively felt that the Padre would be more helpful, but when he arrived he felt out of his depth. However he made the sign of the cross over the man and said, " In the name of Jesus Christ I command this thing to come out of you! " Whereupon the Soldier recovered his senses, but the Padre dropped dead!


Not only does this modern day episode show the danger in attempting to enter into a Divine work without the required authority, but also shows that a Spirit on being exorcised needs to be "sent" to a given place, otherwise Transference can take place. It is not sufficient or advisable to just merely cast it out, but it must be sent to a definite location. An Exorcist working under the Authority of God is aware of where the Spirit needs to be sent and will have this awareness and instruction through Clairvoyance or Clairaudience.

The Padre in the previous example commanded the Spirit to come out of the Soldier, but besides not having appropriate authority to make such a command, neither did he inform it were it should go and so the Spirit decided to transfer to the Padre and cause his death. It is noteworthy that the Padre although being a Padre did not in itself give him the right to perform such a Divine task.

As with the Padre the account highlighted earlier in (Acts 19 v 11 - 16) showed the disastrous affects that Evil Spirits can have upon you if you try to exorcise them without the due authority, for the seven sons in the "Acts" account received a severe physical beating by the Spirit although they fortunately escaped with their lives.

The influence of an Evil Spirit can eventually be the cause of a person's medical condition i.e. an ailment or disease. Jesus was aware of the fact that Spirits can make you ill, as on many occasions he exorcised a Spirit responsible for a person's medical problem, with full health being restored to that person following the Exorcism.


Jesus Exorcises a Spirit and makes the man well again

So too today Evil Spirits can make you ill and need to be exorcised, with a person's physical or mental complaint being seen to dissipate very quickly following the Spirit's exit. Such work once again needs to be carried out by a person who has the Authority from God to do so.

Exorcism is therefore a Divine ministry given to certain people, with such Gifts of the Spirit being allotted by God himself. (1 Corinthians 12 v 10 - 11) Once an Evil Spirit is removed it is removed for good, and cannot slip back in again or return, as it has been removed by the power of God which is absolute.

It is important that any person who is experiencing problems at the hand of malevolent Spirits seek advice from an experienced Exorcist in identifying the reason as to how the Spirit was able to draw close and attach to them.

Evil Spirits have to be allowed in or invited to draw close to you and it is necessary to know how the initial attachment was formed.

There are certain activities or practices that a person can engage in that will make conditions favourable for a malevolent Spirit to enter their life and cause severe problems. It is therefore absolutely necessary for this identification to be made as otherwise following Exorcism another Spirit may quickly take the place of the exorcised one, with the same problems being experienced once again.

A Spirit, once removed, cannot return, but if you make conditions favourable by pursuing either the same or another negative or unwholesome activity, then other Spirits will replace them.


The word Liberate according to the Dictionary means " To release, to set free ". Liberation of a Spirit is a different process to that of exorcising one as the Spirit in need of Liberation needs to be conversed with and maybe counselled. Liberation is a Divine process that offers practical help to those previously Incarnated Spirits who require awareness and understanding of what has happened to them following their death. The Liberation process thereby allows them to move forward and Spiritually progress.

Some Spirits need help in progressing through the Spiritual realms following the death of the physical body, as some choose to remain on a plane of existence that is very close to that of the earth and are thus referred to by many as Earthbound Spirits. Spirits like this may have a limited Spiritual knowledge and are unable to truly comprehend what is happening to them and therefore resist the changes that are set out for them, preferring to exercise their free will and remain were they are.

A Spirit therefore that may be residing in a person's house may not be malevolent, just in need of help. They may make their presence known to the occupants of the house in the only ways Spirits can and do not intend to cause harm or upset, but merely desire to communicate with the occupants. People who have the God given ability to speak with these Spirits are able to discuss with them what has happened and enlighten them as to Spiritual matters. This is necessary for the Spirit to progress and develop, as it is not part of any Spirit's evolution to remain tied close to the earth, but must move forward.

Through the help of a person given the ability of Clairaudient communication, the Spirit will be enlightened, encouraged and aided to begin making the required progress. The person or group of people liberating the Spirit will at this point take counsel and advice from the Guiding Spirit/s who are working with them to ascertain what needs to be done and said.

The whole service of Liberation is done out of love and compassion for the Spirit, as they need help and guidance, for it must be remembered that such a Spirit was once a person who lived on earth, except they do not have their physical body anymore Therefore when a property is classed as haunted it is possible that it is due to an Incarnated Spirit/ Earthbound Spirit who may need help and not necessarily an Evil Spirit bent on causing harm and upset.

The Incarnated Spirit therefore does not need to be exorcised, but is in need of loving assistance and understanding, this then being the clear distinction between Exorcism and Liberation, as the Celestial type of Spirit needs to be removed without discussion, while the Incarnated type requires advice, counsel and support.

Main Points of Exorcism & Liberation

1. Exorcism is a Divine procedure, which is used for the removal and expulsion of "Celestial" Evil Spirits (Demons) by an individual appointed to this Divine ministry by God himself.

2. Liberation is a Divine procedure used for a Spirit who was previously "Incarnated" on the earth and is in need of Spiritual help, assistance and maybe counselling.

3. Spirits who are of the Celestial type are always Exorcised. Spirits who are of the Incarnated type are never Exorcised, but Liberated.

4. All Spirits regardless of their type will always behave in a similar manner when they have succeeded in attaching themselves to a person, building or any form of personal possession. Celestial Spirits are more powerful and prove to be more intense and troublesome than Incarnated Spirits once they have gained entry.

5. Celestial Evil Spirits are sent through Exorcism to the Abyss or Spiritual prison without discussion, whereas Incarnated Spirits are conversed with and given counsel and support to aid their Spiritual progression.


As part of his Divine spiritual work Colin Harrison conducts Exorcism and Liberation. If you are experiencing any problems in connection with unwanted spirit activity, please contact Colin here to receive assistance. Thank you



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