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Colin Harrison Spiritual Healer

Colin Harrison

Spiritual Healer

Colin has now been actively involved with spiritual healing psychic development and exorcism in Maghull, Liverpool Merseyside for sixteen years. He is in a unique position to help all those with their own spiritual concerns and as you can imagine, is often in great demand for his services.

Colin first become aware of his spiritual talents when he was visiting a hotel situated between Liverpool and Southport on Merseyside in the UK. A lady came over to him who he had never met before and proceeded to inform him of his ability to heal people.

The lady told him that she was clairvoyant and that her spirit guide had told her two years previously that she would one day meet a man and that she must give him a rose quartz crystal.

Her spirit guide had also told her she would "know" who this man was as her guide in the spirit world would communicate with her at the time of her meeting him, to confirm he was the person who must receive the crystal.

She said she had waited two years to meet him and Colin was that man. He accepted the crystal, but was unaware of its true meaning.

Rose Quartz...

The rose quartz crystal is linked with healing work and Colin, founder of The Church of Light, in hindsight now believes that this was a sign of his spiritual healing work about to unfold, although he merely thought the encounter with this lady at the time was a little "strange” and “unbelievable".

About a month later when Colin was again in another Hotel on Merseyside, he was informed by yet another lady, on a visit from Miami, that she too was clairvoyant and had waited to meet a particular man for seven years, to whom she had to give an important message.

This lady said that Colin was the person she had been waiting to meet and that her message from her spirit guardian was that he needed to know that he was destined from birth to heal many people, and that his spiritual healing work would begin from that very night.

Colin did begin his spiritual healing that night, as he instantaneously healed a lady in great pain with a severe leg problem who was desperate for help. This ladies problem left her in an instant and has never returned.

From that moment onwards, Colin formerly began his healing work and to date has successfully healed many people. With receiving also the communicative gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience, Colin's spiritual work continues to evolve and take on greater meaning and depth with the help of his spirit guide Rollo.

Rollo was the King of the Vikings when he lived on the earth 1100 years ago. Through regular contact with him, Colin receives spiritual insight for the enlightenment of all.



Benedette Soubirous...


Colin at the Mind Body Spirit festival 2008


Colin was informed by Rollo, at the beginning of his spiritual work, that Colin’s Divine mission is to establish The Church of Light for the purpose of imparting an understanding of spiritual truths and to administer spiritual healing with the good help of Bernadette Soubirous from the spirit world of God.

Spiritual Healing, Teaching and Exorcism were the main facets of Jesus’ Spiritual work when he lived on the earth 2000 years ago and today The Church of Light under the guidance of Colin, its founder, conducts the very same work.

Colin also attends Mind Body & Spirit Festivals which are held regularly in the Liverpool area and is seen above (right) at Mountford Hall in May 2008. The Mind Body Spirit festivals enable Colin to see more people to conduct healing. Colin generally gives a 30 minute talk at such festivals about the work he is involved in.

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