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 Bernadette Soubirous

Born 7th January 1844

Colin had direct contact with another Spirit who works with him and assists him in Healing people, namely St. Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes.

Colin however on the first occasion he saw her had no idea who it was when she appeared to him in the Highlands of Scotland while he was on holiday. Colin merely said to his wife Lisa the next day "I saw a Nun last night standing in front of me".

On another occasion, approximately 1 year later, Colin was locking his car up for the night and there was a slight breeze about at that time. Suddenly it was as if the sound had been switched off and there was an overwhelming, deafening silence the likes of which Colin had not experienced before.

Colin looked at the trees and later stated that" All the leaves on the trees stood still"

At this moment Colin also felt that someone was standing behind him and so turned around to see a brilliant white ball of light hovering in front of him. This glowing ball of light hovered for a short while and then just shot up into the sky and across the farmers field which lies directly opposite Colin's cottage and disappeared. Colin had no idea what this ball of light was or why it was there.

Approximately 11 months later Colin was again locking up his car when the same thing happened again. The sound appeared to be switched off and the leaves on the trees stood still once more. Colin turned quickly as he knew the ball of light would be there again. And it was! This time after a short while, the ball of light fell into the ground and stayed there.

That very week a lady who Colin had given Healing to called to his cottage and gave him a book she had bought him at Lourdes to say thank you for the Healing. It was a book about the story of Lourdes and as Colin did not know the story he eagerly began to read it.

Colin saw the photograph for the first time of Saint Bernadette and instantly knew this was the Nun he had previously seen in Scotland. He then read the section about Bernadette when she first saw her vision at the Grotto in Lourdes. Bernadette's exact words were "

 “Just before I turned to see the vision, all the leaves on the trees stood still"

These were the exact words Colin said when he saw his visions/balls of light and now has a deep inner knowing that the balls of light he saw was the Spirit of Bernadette who had visited him to let him know that she had begun to work with him to Heal people.

He now knows that the Nun he saw in the Scottish Highlands was also Bernadette and all visitations were to confirm her attachment to him.

To date many people have seen Bernadette standing by Colin. Though they didn't know at the time about Colin's link with her, this serves as a confirmation that it is Bernadette Soubirous who works with him.

Top right: Glass Reliquary housed at the Convent of the Sisters of Nevers France Bottom right: Close up of Bernadette Soubirous' actual body.

In Bernadette Soubirous’ own words

“My job is just to give you the message;

it is up to you whether you believe it or not”

The Church of Light, like Jesus and Bernadette Soubirous never imposes its views or beliefs upon people.

The Church of Light offers spiritual insight, which each individual can personally decide to either reject or accept.

Benedette Soubirous...
Benedette Soubirous...

Where does The Church of Light’s actual power to heal come from?


The power to heal people of physical or mental complaints is known as having a “Gift of Healing”, with a true Gift of Healing being directly given to certain people by God himself.  (1 Corinthians 12:11)

The Apostle Paul in the Bible talks about the many “Gifts of the Spirit”, of which the Healing Gift is one of them. (1 Corinthians 12:1-11) The Church of Light acknowledges that its power to heal people is Divinely given and for which thanks is constantly given.

Spirits of God are assigned to help those who have a Gift of Healing to successfully heal the person concerned, with each healer having their own personal spirits who direct the Divine healing power to the person in need.


Bernadette Subourious 1844 - 1879



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