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The Origin and Future of Mankind

According to God’s purpose


A Spirit of God named Rollo guided Colin, founder of The Church Of Light, to the truth concerning our past, the reason for life and death on earth and the requirements of God for our eventual existence in the Heavens, to The Church Of Light through inspiration.

Rollo’s guidance revealed the following:                

“All of mankind that has lived, is presently living on earth and who will live on earth in the future originally existed in the heavens in a pure spirit state, being specifically created by God as spirits and existing as such within His Heavenly Kingdom.

Each person who has lived or who is living or who will live on earth in the future is a fallen spirit, each being a part of and thereby responsible and accountable for the heavenly spirit rebellion against God.” 

The following now begins to firstly outline the events that occurred at the beginning of creation and long before the formation of the earth took place.

Subsequent pages then offer an account of the events that unfolded throughout time, thereby giving insight into the reasons and purpose for life and death on the earth.

The eventual destination of mankind is revealed here too and the requirements needed to arrive there.


The creation of the Spirit Worlds


In the beginning all that was created by God was created in spirit form. The complete account of the creation of the spirit worlds was recorded in the original manuscripts of the Holy Bible, while certain later translations of those manuscripts also contained full and accurate details of God's spirit creations.

Through over translation of the original writings and with deliberate deletions of certain texts by translators, the true account of the creation of the spirit worlds has to a great extent been omitted over time.

Spirits were created male and female, for every spirit has its partner or soul mate, with equal numbers of male spirits being created as female spirits, for God is a God of balance and harmony.

In the beginning all life was created in spirit form as God is a spirit and in his image all was created. Jesus who later came to live a life on the earth was the first spirit created and the only one directly created by God himself. Lucifer (who would later became Satan/devil) was the next spirit to be created. Jesus, through God's power created all that exists. (Colossians 1:16-17)


The Spirit Rebellion  (The Fall)


Lucifer would not accept Jesus' high position as the spirit at God's right hand and therefore decided to incite revolt amongst the spirit population against Jesus, instigating thereafter the war against God.

Many of the spirits decided to join this revolt against God and took an active part in the spirit rebellion against him under Lucifer's leadership and which took place long before the earth was ever conceived or created.

The Bible compares the number of rebelling spirits as to a third of the stars, which indicates the extent of the rebellion and the numbers of spirits involved. (Revelation 12: 3-9)

Following the rebellion in the heavens and the failure to win the war which subsequently ensued, Lucifer and the rebellious fallen spirits were cast out of from the position they held in God's Kingdom.

Lucifer whose name means Light Bearer was now an adversary of God and in opposition to him, which is why he was known from the rebellion onwards as Satan or the devil.

They had through their rebellious actions lost the right to remain in the heavens and were therefore removed and placed in a position that was outside of the heavenly realms.

In time however a vast number of the rebel spirits were repentant for their part in the rebellion, deeply regretted their actions and desired to return to the position they originally held.

As God desires none of his creation to be alienated or severed from him, the repentant fallen spirits were therefore given an opportunity by God to redeem themselves.


The Sphere of Paradise


God placed the repentant spirits in a position in the spirit world that was still on a lower level than the one they originally operated on before the rebellion, but higher than the level that they, Satan and the other rebellious spirits were placed following the rebellion.

God sent all the rebellious yet repentant spirits into a heavenly sphere that can be described in earthly terms as a paradise and therefore is known as the Sphere of Paradise.

The sole purpose of this was to try and test these spirits to see if they truly were repentant and genuinely wished to be a part of God's Kingdom once again.

The test that God gave them consisted simply of a prohibition or command to adhere to, which if they did would allow them to be able to return to the original position they held and if they didn't they would be totally excluded from God's Kingdom.

The account in the book of Genesis in the Bible concerning the creation of a paradise garden is not referring to the garden that the first created man and woman were placed in.

The account refers specifically to the heavenly Sphere of Paradise that God sent the repentant spirits en masse in order to be tried and tested, but has been intermixed with the placement of the first humans in the earthly Garden of Eden.

The rebellious yet repentant spirits were sent to the Sphere of Paradise to be tried and tested by means of a prohibition or command that God gave them, with this prohibition or command being symbolically likened to a tree.

The fruit of this tree could not be eaten ie; the prohibition or command could not be broken.

This symbolic tree was known as the " Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad " and is the same tree as recorded in the book of Genesis.

This tree was not a literal tree growing in the earthly Garden of Eden and has no connection with that earthly garden, as it was a symbol of God’s prohibition or command placed upon the fallen spirits in the Sphere of Paradise.

The observance of this prohibition or command would show whether the spirits were indeed on God's side or that of Satan's.

If they kept God's command then they could partake of the symbolic " Tree of Life," the partaking of which was symbolic of the fallen spirits regaining their position back in God's kingdom.

If they didn't keep the command then they would be driven from the Paradasaic Sphere into the complete control of Satan and on that day, they would be completely severed from God.

This would be God's judgement upon them for he had told them " In the day of your eating of the tree you will surely die.”  (Genesis 2:17)

The symbolic eating from it did not mean that those partaking spirits would literally die, for as they were spirits they were not able to die a physical death.

The breaking of God’s prohibition or command as symbolised by their eating of the fruit of the tree would mean their spiritual death, or their complete severance from God.

The statement therefore by God “In the day of your eating of the tree you will surely die” was not said to Adam and Eve in the earthly Garden of Eden, but was said to the fallen spirits on their entrance en masse to the Sphere of Paradise.


The 2nd " Fall " of the Spirits


God did not impose a time limit for the complete trying and testing of the fallen spirits, but allotted as much time as was necessary for him to be sure of the intention of these spirits.

The prohibition or command was eventually broken. Following the breaking of it by Adam who was formerly a Prince in God's Kingdom, the spirits in the Sphere of Paradise also fell for the second time.

In time every spirit followed Adam’s example after he was tempted by his spirit partner Eve, who herself was led into breaking God’s command through the direct influence of Satan himself.

The Spirits named Adam & Eve were the same two who later inhabited the Garden of Eden in human form, their names being the same in heaven as on the earth and which is true of all Spirits.

Eve, by breaking God's command or prohibition, had thereby partaken of the symbolic fruit of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad, with Adam and the rest of the fallen spirits following suit.

They had disobeyed God by the breaking of his prohibition or command and therefore were cast out of the Sphere of Paradise.

They were returned to that lower sphere of existence outside of the heavens were they were sent following the heavenly rebellion.

They were once again under the total control of Satan, for he was again their ruler and they were under his sovereignty.

The spirits having now died a spiritual death as God had said they would were unable to return to God's Kingdom.

Satan in persuading Eve to disobey God's command had lied to her by saying she would not die if she broke the command or prohibition, which is why he is referred to as the “Father of the Lie”. (John 8 v 44)

All the twice fallen Spirits experienced a spiritual death just as God said they would and they were now spiritually dead in God’s eyes and alienated from him.

God placed a flaming sword at the entrance to the Sphere of Paradise and Celestial Spirits named Cherubim also guarded the entrance, it being God's sign that that no one could re-enter the Sphere of Paradise.

The rebellious spirits had now lost their chance to regain the position they had originally enjoyed in God's Kingdom. 


God's ultimate Plan of Salvation


As God is a God of absolute compassion and love for all his creation, he again in time devised a "Plan of Salvation" so that any repentant spirits could return to God and reside in His Kingdom once again.

Although these spirits had rebelled against God in the first instance and then fell for the second time by breaking his prohibition or command in the Sphere of Paradise, putting themselves thereby under Satan’s authority, God still desired his spirit family to be united.

Many fallen spirits still wanted to return to God’s kingdom and God therefore made provision for this to happen. In desiring this, God set out his ultimate Plan of Salvation which provided the means for any repentant spirit to be able to return to him. 

The opportunity for Redemption was given to them by God through incarnation and life on the earth in the first instance and then in the course of spiritual progression through existence on each of the 13 heavenly “Spheres of Redemption”. 

The earth was not in existence at this point and the 13 heavenly Spheres of Redemption were as yet unassigned as such.

The earth, which was yet to be created and being the start of the Redemption process, was designed to allow all repentant spirits the opportunity to incarnate upon it and inhabit a physical human body.

God in devising this knew that a spirit encased and constrained within a physical body would learn through earthly experience many valuable lessons, it being deemed by him as a necessary facet of his Plan of Salvation.

God was again going to test and try all fallen spirits through incarnation on the earth before they could even begin their ascent back to him.

The 13 Spheres of Redemption were devised as the next stages of progression after successful earthly incarnation, with each sphere being aspired to only when the required level of spirituality had been attained. 

The degree of spiritual attainment gained during their time in a particular sphere would determine whether they could progress to the next sphere or level, with the 13th. sphere being the nearest position to the level they originally existed on in God's Kingdom.

If the required spiritual attainment has not been reached, or opportunity's given them in a particular sphere have not been utilised, then it will be necessary for them to continue to reside on that particular sphere until they are spiritually ready to move forward.

The earth differs from the 13 spheres that lie above the earth inasmuch as if the required spiritual attainment has not been reached during a given earthly lifetime, then Reincarnation necessarily takes place.

Some people may have to return to the earth to live many lifetimes, but always as a human and never as an animal. Reincarnation however is not a facet of any of the 13 spheres, for physical death does not exist there.

The first sphere of the 13 is the Sphere of Paradise that the repentant fallen spirits were sent to after the spirit rebellion and subsequent war in heaven.

Jesus refers to this sphere, the Paradise Sphere as he was dying during his crucifixion.

Jesus was asked by one of the two criminals being executed next to him if he would “remember him when he comes into his Kingdom."

Jesus replied by saying, "Truly I tell you today you will be with me in Paradise."

Jesus is referring in his statement to the Sphere of Paradise and to the fact that this man would see him there. (Luke 23:39-43)

Jesus knew this man would eventually see him in the Sphere of Paradise but not necessarily on that day, for this man was a criminal and at that point in time may not have earned the right to progress to Paradise or the first sphere.


The earth is created


God created the earth to begin the process of Redemption, with the account of that creation being recorded in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

After a long period of time the earth was eventually ready to accept the first incarnation of a Fallen Spirit, with the book of Genesis relating how the first man was created by God and later his partner.

The account describes how God created a physical human body and placed into it a spirit, which animated it and it then became a living human being.

This first human was known as Adam and was the same Adam who was formerly a Prince in God’s Kingdom and who fell for the second time after his spirit partner Eve influenced him to break God's’ prohibition in the Sphere of Paradise. (Genesis 2v7)

God provided a site named Eden for the first incarnated spirit to live and was suitable to the purpose of sustaining human and animal life.

As stated earlier this site called Eden was not the paradise referred to in the book of Genesis, as the paradise referred to there is actually the Sphere of Paradise, the first sphere of the 13 spheres.

In time the next spirit was ready to incarnate and was the spirit named Eve who was the partner or soul mate of Adam when they lived previously in the spirit world.

The first pair of humans were instructed by God to multiply and fill the earth through procreation, thereby allowing many other fallen spirits the opportunity to incarnate in human form and begin the redemption process also.

The human race therefore came into being through the first pair of incarnated fallen spirits, with all humans past, present and future being also fallen spirits incarnated in physical human bodies. 


The Redeemer is sent


Although God through his “Plan of Salvation” had devised and created the earth and the 13 Spheres of Redemption for the benefit of all fallen spirits, they could only begin their ascent back to God in part.

As they were still under the sovereignty, rulership and authority of Satan following their spiritual death in the Sphere of Paradise, no progress into the 13 Spheres of Redemption could be made.

They had due to not keeping God's command or prohibition in the Sphere of Paradise become severed from God and therefore were still subjects of Satan's Kingdom.

Although dwelling on the earth as incarnated fallen spirits, they were unable to ascend pass this earthly stage to the first of the heavenly spheres, for the entrance to the heavens was still closed to them and safeguarded by a flaming sword and Celestial Cherubim.

The Spirits at this point experienced reincarnation only and could not begin their ascent into the first of the 13 heavenly spheres due to the jurisdiction that Satan still had over them.

God therefore had to bring about a situation were Satan had no choice but to relinquish his authority and sovereignty over these spirits and allow them to freely leave his ranks.

God had already set out a plan for this to take place, for in his Plan of Salvation he was aware of the need for a Redeemer in being instrumental in the implementation of His Divine Plan.

As the original rebellion took place due to Lucifer's non-acceptance of Jesus' high position next to God, it was decided that Jesus would be the Redeemer of the fallen spirits.

It was Jesus' decision to undertake this mission, although many other high spirits next to God readily offered to take on the demanding role of a Redeemer.

God's plan was for Jesus as The Redeemer to enter into Satan's domain, namely to live a life on the earth and allow Lucifer to test, try and influence him with a view to causing his fall.

Satan would be allowed to do all in his power to make the Redeemer give up his allegiance and loyalty to God.

Satan would be allowed to do all he could to influence and tempt The Redeemer to acknowledge him as the Supreme Being and agree to join him and his still rebellious army of fallen spirits.

Jesus knew before he incarnated on the earth as The Redeemer that Satan would be allowed to do all that he could to cause his fall, even knowing that he was allowed to take his life.

Jesus was aware that if Satan were ultimately beaten, he would resort to engineering this ultimate final attack on him. 

If Jesus as The Redeemer remained loyal to God and did not ultimately join Satan, then it would be victory over him.

This victory would then allow repentant Fallen Spirits to return to God through the 13 heavenly spheres, as Satan would be forced to relinquish his authority and hold over them.

This then was the reason for The Redeemer, for all would be redeemed and set free through the Redeemer's faithfulness and loyalty to God.

Jesus as the Redeemer did remain true and faithful to God despite tremendous trials and tests given to him and was as he had known before his incarnation, killed by Satan through his human agents on the earth. 

Satan had to concede defeat, for The Redeemer had gained victory over him through his love, faithfulness and loyalty to God.

Jesus as The Redeemer did not accept Satan as the Almighty One or the Supreme Being and did not agree or wish to follow or give allegiance to him and so Satan was defeated.

Satan therefore had no choice now but to allow all spirits desirous of returning to God to be free of his rulership and jurisdiction from that point onwards.

Through the Redeemer all repentant fallen spirits were then able to begin their ascent back to God through the avenue of the 13 heavenly Spheres and which could not have begun before this time.

All fallen spirits whether repentant or not, are however still classed by God as spiritually dead and have been since their fall for the second time in the Sphere of Paradise.

When a fallen spirit enters the first sphere or The Sphere of Paradise they are then classed as being “Resurrected from the Dead” i.e. the once spiritually dead, exist there in the knowledge that physical death is no more.

Jesus on being resurrected after his death was referred to as

“The firstborn of the dead” which was due to the fact that he was the first spirit following incarnation to be resurrected and allowed to enter the 13 Spheres.

Jesus therefore was raised or resurrected from the spiritually dead of the earth and was therefore rightly called

“The “Firstborn of the Dead”, (Colossians 1v15-18)


The ascent back to God


All fallen spirits must however obtain the required degree of spiritual refinement on the earth before any progress through the 13 heavenly spheres can begin.

All trials, tribulations and difficulty's etc. are experienced as a matter of course during earthly life and must be viewed and embraced as an opportunity to refine oneself, for only through adversity do we truly learn.

Life on earth is not meant to be easy or without difficulties and no one can ever expect their life to be totally idyllic, as all people’s lives in part are specifically and individually structured to include such testing times.  

There are certain experiences encountered during our life on earth that have been predestined for us by God. 

There are certain circumstances or situations that are specifically structured and predestined for us to experience so that spiritual lessons can be learnt.

There are also tasks or work of a defined nature that is predestined for certain people, which will aid their spiritual progress and that of others if accepted.

God however gives us Free Will so that we have the personal and ultimate choice of what we will think, do and say.

Predestination of certain aspects of people’s lives is part of God's overall plan, thereby giving them the best opportunities to make spiritual progress.

Predestination of every aspect and of every detail of a person's life by God has never and will never take place.

God himself has no knowledge of the decisions we will make through the exercise of our Free Will, with the eventual outcome of his predestined events for us all, being also unknown to him.

Through the avenue of the 13 Spheres of Redemption all mankind who are fallen spirits will be able to eventually return back to the position they once held in God's Heavenly Kingdom.

God is a God of love, with the 13 Spheres of Redemption being brought into being out of an act of supreme love and compassion on his part for his spirit creatures.

Although innumerable Spirits had rebelled and turned their back on him, God who is a forgiving God offers them all forgiveness for this original sin.

God has provided the 13 Spheres of Redemption for everyone that took part in the original spirit rebellion, including Satan himself.

Satan and all those spirits who rebelled with him and who have remained unrepentant to this day, still have the opportunity to regain their lost position in the heavens.

God will eventually display the ultimate act of forgiveness by structuring the means for Satan and his unfaithful followers to return to God and to the position they too once held in the heavens.

As God desires all of his creation to be a part of his Kingdom once again even Satan therefore is not excluded. 

God desires all his creatures to live in peace and harmony and as one united family, so he has offered Redemption to every repentant spirit without exception.

God will allow as much time as is necessary for rebellious unrepentant Spirits to have a change of heart and seek forgiveness through his Plan of Salvation.

As one day to man is as a thousand years to God, so he is able to easily await the time when all His spirit creation are living as one family once again, just as they were at the beginning of creation. (2Peter 3 v 8)

The " Original Sin " was the sin committed by all fallen spirits at the time of the heavenly rebellion and because of this

rebellious sinful act, each person will carry responsibility for this sin until they reach and conclude their time on the 13th. Sphere.

When you have learnt all that there is to learn from your experiences through earthly incarnation(s) and the 13 Spheres of Redemption, then you will be able to say " I have no sin " and your original sin will then be negated.

You will have then arrived at your destination which is God’s Kingdom, but not before.


The continuance of Spirit incarnation on earth


Innumerable Fallen Spirits have shown repentance since taking part in the rebellion against God and have tread or are treading the pathway of Redemption back to God's kingdom.

You, reading this, are one of these spirits!

Even today there are spirits who are incarnating upon the earth for the first time, who having reached the point were they acknowledge and regret their actions of long ago have decided to leave the ranks of Satan.

These spirits are only just beginning their journey back into God's Kingdom and have as part of the redemption process to live a life or lives on the earth as a human, just as all other fallen spirits have done before.

As there are still numerous spirits to incarnate on the earth for the first time and many Spirits who need to reincarnate once again, real peace on the earth can never be a reality.

Although many people look forward to total world peace, this is something that will never be seen.

The earth was created to accommodate fallen spirits who do not initially display Godlike quality's and who will not be inclined to bring about a harmonious, peaceful or spiritual climate in the world.

Fallen spirits who have just incarnated for the first time or who are about to incarnate on the earth for the first time will be of a lower progression than those spirits who have lived on the earth for a time, or who have lived many lives on the earth.

Many of these fallen spirits that have just incarnated for the first time will as a matter of course begin to make all the same mistakes and behave in the same negative way that previous incarnated fallen spirits have done before.

This is the reason why history seems to repeat itself and true world peace seems to be but a dream, for many of the more recently incarnated fallen spirits begin to display those negative human behavioral patterns all over again, just as previously incarnated spirits have done before.

Violence and war, the desire for power, greed selfishness, the love of money and materialism and all the negative forms of behaviour employed in order to achieve these things are displayed by the majority of newly incarnated Fallen Spirits, some to a greater degree than others. 

People living on earth who are displaying Godlike quality's and have awareness of his purposes and understand the reasons for our earthly life and live a life that reflects all that is good, need not overly concern themselves with the state of the world and it's lack of peace.

Those people who do progress satisfactorily on the earth will as a matter of course and following their physical death be resurrected to enter the first of the 13 Spheres of Redemption, to enjoy a higher degree of peace.

When a person has attained the desired level of spiritual advancement through earthly life, then they will progress into the first of the 13 Spheres i.e. the Sphere of Paradise and leave earth behind forever.


Communication with the Spirits of God


To aid people to spiritually progress while on earth, or to assist spirits to progress through the 13 spheres of Redemption, God allows communication to take place with higher Spirits.

He allows this to happen so that humans or spirits alike can receive the maximum amount of help and assistance possible on their personal and individual spiritual pathway.

The high Spirits of God who exist in the uppermost parts of the heavens and who are known as “Hierarchies”, give immeasurable help to those spirits who are dwelling on the 13 Spheres of Redemption.

The spirits of God who exist on the 13 Spheres of Redemption in turn give immeasurable help to those people on earth who will avail themselves of it.

The task given to them by God is to enlighten and help all people or spirits where possible and in whatever way to become more spiritually minded, or to make the desired spiritual progress, ultimately aiding thereby God's Plan of Salvation.

God sanctions inter-communication between His worlds of spirit and also between humans and the spirit worlds to aid and assist the spiritual progression of all.


Love: The greatest spiritual attribute


Love is the highest quality that God displays to all his creations and desires everyone to show the same unreserved love to every creature that exists regardless of their status.

It was out of unreserved love that God allowed his firstborn Spirit Jesus to come to the earth to act as the Redeemer of all Fallen Spirits.

It is this divine quality of love that is the driving force of the universe, for if love is truly understood and applied then life is harmonious, peaceful and without problems.

God himself says that love is the embodiment of many attributes, comprised of many facets and has many meanings.

God instructs that love is patient and kind, is not envious, does not boast, is not proud or rude, does not look out for it's own interests.

God further states that love is never angry, does not keep an account of faults or wrongdoing, it always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres in all things and above all never fails. (1Corinthians 13:4-8)

It is therefore a specific part of God's plan and intention for all that dwell on the earth to marry, for in doing so they learn the importance of this the greatest and most dominant divine attribute.

God brought about the marriage arrangement so that each human pair can begin to learn the true meaning of love through a lifetime of care and consideration of each other.

By selflessly understanding each other’s needs and requirements and by doing all they possible can to make each other happy and fulfilled will love’s meaning be understood.          (Mark 10:6-9)

God expects a married person to put their own self to one side and concentrate all their thoughts and energies into genuinely caring and looking after their partner in every possible way, considering their wife or husband always before themselves.

Through marriage all Fallen Spirits will therefore begin to learn the lesson of true love and understand what love really is and its meaning, appreciating that it is a necessary part of true spirituality. (Ephesians5: 31-33) 

Furthermore it is God's plan for those who marry to have children, for this is God’s next intended stage in the learning and demonstrating of the true expression of love.

Fallen Spirits who have children will be called upon numerous times to understand and display love, for through the care of their children and the selflessness that such constant care demands, spiritual lessons will be learnt.

God designed marriage and the responsibility of children for everyone to experience, as it enables them to learn hard yet necessary lessons, for both of these God given facets of earthly life are undoubtedly demanding and through them God’s attribute of love will be understood.

The many different aspects of love as described and listed in the Bible in (1Corinthians 13:4-8) are called upon innumerable times during the course of family life and which will through the exercise of them allow spiritual progression to take place.  

It is also God's plan for procreation to necessarily take place to thereby allow many other Fallen Spirits the opportunity to incarnate upon the earth.

There are many Fallen Spirits waiting to begin the Redemption process for the first time, while many others await the opportunity to reincarnate again, with the opportunity to do so being provided by those already living on earth.  


The Spiritual progression of " Gay " people


There is a section of mankind who will not be able to avail themselves of the opportunity to marry and procreate, for God has set out a different Spiritual pathway for them to tread.

Those of the world who are referred to as " Gay " do not in the usual course of development marry and procreate as their sexual preference is for those of the same sex, making procreation thereby impossible.

God is a God of precision, exactness, perfection and order, with all of his creative works testifying to this fact.

Everything that God has brought into being has purpose and reason, with nothing being borne out of error or through mistake, for he is a God who operates to standards of excellence far greater than any other.

Everything therefore that God has created or brought into being is without flaw or fault and people who are “Gay” must never therefore be viewed as imperfect, for they are specifically created by God and are therefore good. (1 Timothy 4:4)

When God originally created the many Spirit Worlds he created all Spirits either male or female and in his image. (Genesis 1:26-27)

All Spirits whether male or female will always operate and conduct themselves according to the manner they were created, so that a male Spirit will always operate as a male and a female Spirit will always operate as a female.

A Spirit cannot change the way they are for they were created by God specifically as a male or as a female and will always continue to operate as such, regardless of whether they are living within the confines of a human physical body or not.

God allows male Spirits to incarnate upon the earth in female human bodies as he also allows female Spirits to incarnate upon the earth in human male bodies.

A male Spirit therefore although living in a female human body will be attracted to a physical female. The female Spirit likewise, although living in a human male body will seek the company of a physical male. It is therefore the type of Spirit within a person that decides what they will be physically attracted to.

The “Gay” man has within his physical framework a female Spirit and a “Gay” female has within her physical framework a male Spirit.

Those people who attempt to change their gender through surgery, do so as they have a personal “knowing” within that they are not actually the gender that they physically appear to be.

A male therefore may know that they are really female and a female may know that they are really male.

This is because the Spirit inside their physical body is opposite to the gender of to their physical body, although many may not appreciate this fact.

God has a definite reason for allowing such incarnations to take place and is yet another demonstration of his love for his Spirit creation.

God foresaw that he needed to effect some form of constraint over the population of man, as over many thousands of years of physical procreation there would very quickly be a population problem of immense proportions.

Overpopulation of the earth would bring about severe problems that would directly interfere with or hamper man's spiritual progress and which God foresaw at the point he formulated his " Plan of Salvation ".

God therefore knew of the need for the population of the earth to be “governed” and therefore brought about this governed arrangement.

Without this arrangement a population explosion and all its associated problems would be a reality and his Plan of Salvation would be seriously jeopardised.

God therefore through such incarnations controls the population of earth, while also offering the opportunity for many other Fallen Spirits to begin or continue the Redemption process.

God structures the incarnation of “Gay” people differently for them than he does for others, with many of their trials and tests also being of a different content to those of other people.

All “Gay” people throughout their incarnation will receive tests and learn lessons regarding physical and mental control.

All aspects of earthly life that is pleasurable requires control and all basic functions of physical life need to be moderated.

Eating, drinking, sexual activity and all that is physically enjoyable and pleasurable in life requires moderation for a person to be balanced, with “Gay” people receiving more stringent tests in these areas than other people.

Although not marrying and procreating in the way that God intends Heterosexuals to do, “Gay” people will still learn the spiritual lesson of love through the caring of a partner.

Although not being able to marry their partner, they can live as if they were married and care for each other in exactly the same way as a Heterosexual pair does.

The marriage arrangement was brought into being by God to allow spiritual lessons to be learnt, but through commitment to each other and striving to live a life together in a bond of selfless love, all couples whether Heterosexual or Gay can understand God’s divine attribute.


Forgiveness for wrongdoing


Jesus did not die so that mankind could have their daily sins forgiven. Jesus did not die a Redeemer’s death so that every sin a man commits will automatically be forgiven or remitted them.

All people have total responsibility for their actions and are solely accountable and answerable to God for them. (Romans 14 v 12)

Jesus died so that all mankind could receive forgiveness for the “ Original Sin “ that was committed by all the rebellious Spirits in the heavens and not for the constant sins and transgressions committed during earthly life.

The “original sin” was the taking part in the heavenly rebellion against God under Lucifer’s leadership, with Jesus’ death offering all those who participated in it the opportunity to receive forgiveness for that sin through God’s “Plan of Salvation”. 

Forgiveness for all sins committed by man is given by God himself, with there being only one way in which forgiveness can be received from him.

Only by showing true genuine repentance for the wrongdoing can a person expect forgiveness for their sin.

Genuine repentance can only be displayed to God by completely ceasing all activity in the wrongful pursuit in the first instance and then seeking God's forgiveness for that wrongful act through prayer.

Only if the person acknowledges his sin by asking for forgiveness and further shows God through his actions that he has stopped such wrongful activity, can he hope to receive God's forgiveness.

God in deciding to forgive or remit sins also weighs up all transgressions committed by an individual on one scale and offsets them by all their good acts and deeds on the other scale.

It is also necessary in order to receive forgiveness to freely forgive others any sin or wrongful act that they commit.

Jesus in his model prayer (The Lords Prayer) tells us to ask God to “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”.

Jesus is stating that we must forgive others in order for God to forgive us our wrongdoing. (Mathew 6 v 9-14)

We are required to display true forgiveness all of the time and to all people, forgiving freely all manner of wrongdoing even if their actions caused us personal distress or harm.

There is no sin in the world that cannot be forgiven, for as God constantly forgives all manner of transgression, so we should also.

An example of true forgiveness is given us through the final actions and words of Queen Anne Boleyn the wife of Henry VIII.

In January 1536 Queen Anne gave birth to a stillborn baby boy and although she had given him a daughter who would later become Queen Elizabeth I, Henry wanted a son.

Henry therefore decided to take a new wife for himself believing that Queen Anne was incapable of providing a son and heir for him.

Henry VIII the King of England in order to remarry set about engineering the death of Queen Anne Boleyn, who was eventually executed by being beheaded on May 19th.1536, dying an innocent victim.

Given the reason for her execution it would be inconceivable to many people that Henry could or should be forgiven for this.

Her friend Mary Wyatt accompanied Queen Anne on the morning of her execution to the scaffold. Queen Anne Boleyn then addressed all those present and said:

“ Good Christian people, I am come hither to die according to the law, for by the law I am judged to die and therefore I will speak nothing against it. I am come here to accuse no man, I come here only to die and thus yield myself humbly to the will of my lord the King. 

I pray to God to save the King. If any person will meddle with my cause I require them to judge the best. Thus I take my leave of the world and I heartily desire you all to pray for me”

Queen Anne displayed no malice to the King or to any other person who had conspired against her. She did not speak ill of any person or condemn any person but accepted the word of the King, her husband. This is true forgiveness and a true expression of it.

God is a just and compassionate God, allowing forgiveness to be given to all those who are deserving of it.

As God has given everybody free will and therefore has no knowledge of our decisions or actions, it is necessary for him at times to change the structure or content of our life’s experiences in a particular incarnation.

If a person does not for example forgive others as is required by God, then further experiences or situations will be presented to that person in an effort to enlighten and assist them to truly understand the lesson of forgiveness.

The same is true for all lessons that need to be learned, for God will structure our lives so that we will learn through experience.

All lessons must be learned before Spiritual progress can be attained and progression into the first of the 13 Spheres can take place. There is no remittance however of a sin against the Holy Spirit.

If a person has been enlightened to know the truth concerning God and his purposes and understands the way his Holy Spirits operate but nevertheless rejects them as the truth, then that person has committed a sin against the Holy Spirit.

If that person has also had tangible demonstrations of God's power given to him and/ or has received direct Spirit communication regarding God's truths but nevertheless rejects them as the truth, then that person has committed a sin against the Holy Spirit. (Mathew 12:31-32)

If a person has received such convincing proof of God's existence and knows in his heart it to be the truth but refuses to accept it as such, then this sin will not be remitted as other sins are. (Hebrews 6 v 4-6)

A person who is aware of a Divine Gift that has been bestowed on them and yet does not utilise that gift but rejects it, is committing a sin against the Holy Spirit.

These sins against the Holy Spirit will not even be weighed up and offset against the good deeds or actions performed by the person concerned, but will need to be completely atoned for.

A sin against the Holy Spirit will be expiated by the person according to God's own judgement and will not be forgiven until atonement has been made to God's satisfaction.


Aspects of Spirit Incarnation and Reincarnation


Throughout an individual’s incarnation on earth they will have no awareness of their previous existence in the heavens or of any previous earthly incarnations.

This is God’s purpose and a part of his plan for all Fallen Spirits, for God considers it necessary that they don’t possess knowledge or awareness of previous lives and for the following reasons: -

1. If for example a person had lived a life of violence and had murdered people in any of their previous incarnations, then knowledge of that previous life could affect them in their present incarnation in a very negative way.

They may be consumed with guilt if they knew what they had previously done, which could then serve to affect their mental state, or be detrimental to the quality of their present life or of the lives of those around them.

Having knowledge of how you had behaved would affect and alter your thought patterns, so that a newly incarnated Fallen Spirit may be impressed by their former activities and feel empowered and encouraged by them to continue once again in that ungodly negative way.

2. You may have been a person of great importance or fame and in the knowledge of who you used to be, your behaviour and maybe treatment of others may be affected or altered, for you could be influenced by your previous history.

Ultimately Spiritual progress may be hampered if awareness of the details of previous personal incarnations is known and God in his wisdom has accounted for this.

Therefore God has made provision for the memory of any Spirit incarnating on the earth in a physical body to be totally removed.

Any memory of any previous existence or of who they were is totally deleted and any incarnated Spirit will live their life in ignorance of these details unless God chooses to enlighten them.

We are all accountable to God and will give account to him at the end of each incarnation, whereupon we will then be offered full knowledge of any previous incarnations and of our spiritual record and progress.

If the tests outlined by God at the start of our incarnation have not been passed then it will be necessary to return to the earth and live another lifetime.

Until all tests are passed progress up into the first of the 13 Spheres of Redemption cannot be made, with Reincarnation for some having to be experienced many times over.

There is no retrogression of any life forms, with man remaining as a human throughout all his incarnations.

All life will always be Spirit according to the order they were originally created and man will therefore never return to earth as an animal or some other life form that is of a lower or different order.

Certain Spirits from time to time have been sent to the earth by God to conduct a specific spiritual work or task and in every case they too have had no awareness of who they were in the heavens or that they were divinely sent.

During the course of their earthly life they received at the appropriate time enlightenment from God as to their mission, but were never told who they were previously.


The Church of Light has received through inspiration the following insight


Mary the mother of Jesus was sent specifically to the earth to give birth to him and was a pure Spirit. No fallen Spirit could ever be allowed to carry out this divine task, so Mary who was not a Fallen Spirit, as she had not taken part in the original Spirit rebellion, was chosen for the task.


Why does God allow pain, sickness and death on earth?


Every person living, who has lived and who will live in the future on earth took an active part in the heavenly rebellion and subsequent war against God.

As outlined earlier all Fallen Spirits were given an opportunity to redeem themselves in The Sphere of Paradise but which they failed to do and fell for the second time.

God at this point could have dealt a more severe judgement upon the Fallen Spirits for their actions, but he didn’t.

God being a compassionate and caring God offered a further opportunity for redemption through his Plan of Salvation, that entails life on earth and existence through the 13 Spheres of Redemption. 

All Fallen Spirits have therefore a free will choice to make as to whether they are going to avail themselves of the redemption process and eventually return to God’s Kingdom, or remain under the authority of Satan.

In accepting this offer all Fallen Spirits must as a matter of course learn necessary lessons in order to make progress through the redemption process. 

Through incarnation in a physical body God knows that we will learn valuable spiritual lessons and although he is aware of the hardship that will be encountered through human life, he is also aware that it is for our benefit in the long term. 

Given the actions of all Fallen Spirits in times gone by, the Redemption process is a lenient judgement and life on earth and all its associated pains and sickness must not be viewed as harsh treatment by God.

No human/Fallen Spirit is in any position to quibble or complain about God’s plan for redemption, or consider he is an uncaring, unloving or revengeful God, for his plan enables all Fallen Spirits to return to his Kingdom.

Human life is therefore structured to be difficult and problematic, with all of life’s experiences allowing for spiritual progress to be made, for only through difficulty and adversity do we truly learn a lesson and not when life is idyllic. 

Pain and sickness is therefore a facet of physical life on earth and must be accepted as such and that it may be experienced as a matter of course by some people.

God does not directly give anyone a physical ailment or medical condition and he must never be blamed for any medical condition that is contracted.

Consider the analogy of a person who has been born into a very wealthy family and who has been given everything material that they have ever needed or wanted.

This person has always enjoyed a rich lifestyle and has never known what it is like to be without money or clothes, or to be hungry and cold.

For a person like this to truly appreciate their splendid position and to further appreciate all that their Mother or Father has given and done for them, they would have to have this privileged lifestyle removed from them.

Only when they are reduced to living life as a poor person, will they really gain the necessary appreciation and gratitude of their previous lifestyle.

So it is with life on the earth, for all Fallen Spirits originally lived an idyllic life of splendour as Spirits in God’s Kingdom, wanting for nothing and living a life that was truly grand.

It is necessary for all Fallen Spirits to truly appreciate what they threw away and which is why they are reduced to living a comparable poor existence on earth to the one they lived in the heavens.

Through life’s difficulties on earth all Fallen Spirits will gain appreciation of what their Father in heaven has done for them and what he has given them and eventually through his Plan of Salvation all will have that necessary deep appreciation and gratitude of him.

All humans therefore will through their life on earth learn to appreciate God and all that he does for us and all that he has done for us whether before the rebellion or afterwards.

All difficulties in life therefore whether as a result of pain or sickness must be embraced and seen as a part of spiritual progression and the redemption process.




Everybody living on the earth or who has lived on the earth, has always been and always will be, Spiritual beings created by God to exist for all time.

Although we are all guilty of committing the original sin of rebellion against God, he has no desire to kill off his creative works as punishment for this gross act.

Just as artists and sculptors admire, respect and love a finished piece of artwork that they have constructed, God too as the great universal sculptor, has respect and love for all his creations and has no desire to ever destroy them.

God has supreme patience and love and therefore allows unlimited time for his Plan of Salvation to be utilised and fulfilled.

God envisages all Fallen Spirits eventually returning to his kingdom and is desirous of the day when no one is alienated from him anymore.

Eventually when all people have trod the road of Redemption and God’s Plan of Salvation comes to fruition and all are reconciled with God, then death will be a thing of the past.

There will come a time although a long way off in the future when Spiritual Death will be no more and all are existing within God's Kingdom in perfect happiness and peace just as they did before the Spirit rebellion. 

When this great day finally arrives all Fallen Spirits will have progressed through earthly incarnation and through all 13 Spheres of Redemption and crossed the threshold from the 13th. Sphere into the position they originally held before the heavenly rebellion and war.  (Revelation 21:1-5)

This then will be the culmination of God’s Plan of Salvation for he desires all to regain their place in his Kingdom and not to be alienated from him or eternally punished.

God has through the provision of life on earth and on the 13 Spheres of Redemption made it possible for all Fallen Spirits to return to him, as he is a God of supreme love and compassion.


The Fool says in his heart:

“There is no God”  (Psalms 14 v 1)



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